Saturday, December 16, 2006


A guitar virtuoso and a real ale pub, are not normally associated together, however the incredible Jon Gomm appeared at the Duck and Drake in Leeds on tuesday, to a packed audience. Yorkshire’s very own man in black, is the modern day musical pied piper, his followers filling venue after venue. With such a distinctive and captivating talent, it was a performance of musical magnitude, asking someone to listen to one track by Jon Gomm, to appreciate the deep depths of his talent, is like requesting the same person to read a single paragraph from “War & Peace”. To see Jon playing his guitar close at hand is mesmeric in the extreme, the sounds and style of his playing has to be witnessed to be believed. For a unique and very special musical evening, make sure you attend a Jon Gomm gig, be prepared to be amazed.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


The freezing coldness of the December evening, was in stark contrast to the warm and welcoming Fox & Newt, as Phil Dean and his band Fuel took to the stage. With a back drop reminiscent of the bar in the comedy programme “Cheers,” the pub reverberated to classic tracks from Hendrix, Cream, Buddy Guy and Steve Ray Vaughan. Phil is not just at one with his guitar, he lives, breathes and entwines within it, taking the audience on a journey of musical fulfilment. From lead guitarist in the Paul Middleton band to front man in his our right, Phil has made the transition with impeccable ease, add Rich Jevons on Guitar, Buck Mosey on Drums and Des O'Hara on Bass, and it is not surprising that the band is going from strength to strength.

Friday, December 08, 2006


December 6th 2005 signalled the launch of the leedmusicpromotions website. The intention, initially was to provide local musicians / venues with promotion through an independent source. Without setting any targets, it was quietly hoped that the site may reach a 1000 ‘hits’ in its first year. From those humble beginnings Leeds Music Promotions has now become a limited company, launched a monthly magazine (issue 3 out now) and also boasts a myspace website ( and the 1000 ‘hits’ we had hoped for has actually been 3554! Despite all these welcome and tangible statistics, arguably the most memorable area of the past 12 months has been the opportunity to meet and listen to so many talented musicians and fans. Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the past 12 months and the next 12 months will see Leeds Music Promotions announce further developments, and continue to promote the positive.


A tradition just like Christmas Pudding and summer holiday ads on Boxing Day, the yearly pilgrimage to the Irish Centre to see the Oysterband, was as ever, to witness a performance to warm the cockles of the heart and gladden the soul. When John Jones sings his first note of the evening, a tingle of excitement courses through the audience. With a new album titled ‘Meet You There’ planned for March 2007, this was the ideal opportunity to hear new tracks such as ‘Where The World Divides’ and ‘Bury Me Standing’ complimenting the Oysterband classics, ‘One Green Hill’, ‘When I’m Up I Can’t Get Down’, ‘Put Out The Lights’ and ‘The World Upside Down’. With the audience clapping, dancing and singing along at full throttle, this was as usual, a very special musical event. Respect is earned; we respect the legends who are the Oysterband.