Saturday, January 27, 2007


The Blues Bar last Sunday, resembled the famous Liverpool FC Kop of the 1960s, as with an hour to go before the 4 Day Hombre kicked into action, every conceivable space was taken, people standing shoulder to shoulder, friendliness personified and expectations at a premium. With the blacked out windows, this increased the intensity of the afternoon. Due to the consistant quality of their tracks and performance, it would be unreasonable to select favourites from such a buoyant and magical musical journey. You would need to travel far and wide, to find a band who make every performance so special and memorable, with every track touching various nerves and emotions.

The band have announced the release of their CD 'Experiments in Living' in Canada on the 13th March, the Canadian release will feature an additional track: the gorgeous and ever-popular 'Jedi Blues.' The band are at present finalising a Canadian tour in March to coincide with the CD release, which will also include a showcase in New York.

Plaudits must be handed to the band for remembering their musical beginnings, and to Simon of the Blues Bar for pulling off a coup with another top-line gig, as the Blues Bar at Harrogate continues to succeed where many other bigger venues fail.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


A Leeds rock band are aiming high with their choice of venues in 2007. D-KOY are flying out to Borneo to play and record a song at the top of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia which is just under 14000 ft (4095 metres) high.They’re also going to play a gig for a village of Rungus people, an indigenous people who inhabit the Sabah area of Borneo . Kampung Longgom Kecil, a small and remote village in Sabah , whose inhabitants continue to practice traditional crafts and celebrations, has no mod cons – no electricity, no running water supply. D-KOY have regularly fundraised for the village, sending proceeds from their EP ‘Why Should I?’, which they recorded at Host Media Centre in Leeds, to the village to help to buy much needed food and clothes, and in some cases medicines. The connection between the band and the village goes back a few years when two members of D-KOY, Sam and Seb, joined an expedition to Borneo , and worked on various community and environmental projects, including building a bridge which provided a vital link between the village and the outside world. When the project was over, Sam stayed on in the village for a year and in that time became married to one of the villagers, Sabrinah. On returning to Leeds with his new family, he reformed D-KOY with Seb, and the band has since been going from strength to strength, recently playing at the Leeds Carling Festival 2006.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


As the high-speed (?) trains rattled and thundered above the Duck & Drake in Leeds, the boys from OZ rattled and thundered through a performance, which oozed class from the first power chord to the last. With brothers Treno and Lance, each having a unique and distinctive voice and stage presence, complimenting each other perfectly, add King Tutts on drums, and you have the complete recipe for a classic performance of Rock Music at its zenith. Playing a mixture of their own tracks, including “Money,” “UFO” and “Gangbang” to rock classics “Born to be wild,” Should I stay or should I go” and “Rebel Yell” to rock versions of “Tainted Love” and the Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles).” This trio, with there all round performance and immense talent, must surely, after only one week of the New Year, be in pole position as the Top Rock Band for 2007. If a well known world lager was a Rock Band, it would probably be called Headfirst.

Tuesday 9th January at the Duck & Drake, Leeds.
Headfirst will be recording their “Live” album from 9-00.
Admission free.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Congratulations to MARGARET CLARK of Leeds, who won our Christmas Quiz. Due to the numerous winning entries, a draw took place to obtain our winner.

The £10 voucher will be sent this week, enjoy.

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