Saturday, March 31, 2007


Leeds 8-piece band The Respendents, launched their 3-track EP titled “Quetzal” at Carpe Diem on Saturday. The band, formed in 2005, are quickly becoming firm favourites throughout the local music scene, and the release of the EP is sure to kick them on further.

Track One – “Another spin of the wheel” – This track has a Beautiful South at their best, feel to it, as it comes across as a foot-tapping “Chart” song with style.

Track Two – “Better than this” – A more soulful song with great Sax-appeal coupled with wonderful harmonies.

Track Three – “Fall out with the in crowd” – A powerful song enabling the band to demonstrate their individual and collective talents.

The fact that this EP, can be both relaxing and upbeat at the same time, a rare achievement, makes it unique and well worth a listen. I look forward to catching them live.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As the watery spring sunshine filtered through the Blues Bar window, the imposing figure of Bournemouth singer-songwriter, Jinder gave a Feddyesque performance at the spiritual home of Jason Feddy. With an easy-going style which included insights to many of the songs, Jinder has a rich full-bloodied voice which is pure and unstrained. The delivery and style of his song “Vacancy Here” could so easily have been Billy Joel singing “Piano Man”, added to the unique intimate atmosphere of the Blues Bar, we felt as though we had been transported to a bar in New York. Two very highly entertaining sets included tracks from his first CD “Willow Park” and many from his latest CD offering “I’m Live” which intwines both the ballad style to the blues style, both of which are carried off with ease and aplomb. Jinder is a very special talent which will hopefully be seen back in Yorkshire very soon.

Friday, March 16, 2007


“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” arguably the most iconic opening line, in live music history, sent a tingle down the spine of the New Roscoe audience, as KeepItCa$h visited the venue for the first time. Every track was delivered with authority, and at times, a quite eerie quality, when the line “But I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die” the blood in your veins froze, as the great mans drawl echoed around the room. All the classic tracks were covered in a breath-taking performance, which the champion of the underdog, the poor and the down-trodden, was no doubt looking down and giving a nod of approval. The San Quentin prison sentence called work, was a million miles away from your mind, as the band gave you a feel-good factor like no other. This was a golden performance from the man in black.


The ever-popular German band, Bad Penny, completed their UK tour with a final flourish at the Fox & Newt. Any band that can have a Sunday lunchtime drinking group from Leeds, attempting Cossack Dancing at 3-00 in the afternoon, has to have a special uniqueness about them. With each member of the band being an accomplished musician, the class just flowed with the ease of a bottle of Germany’s finest white wine. With the odd Rory Gallagher track dropped in to the set with aplomb, it was a realisation, why this band is so popular at the many Rory Gallagher conventions. This was a gig of rock classics which brought the house down and the audience to its feet, especially when they produced a rock-version of “Those Were The Days.” These guys should be given the opportunity to play some big arenas as their talents deserve to be appreciated by the masses.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Splid Records announce that the CD release of the third album by Yorkshire based folk/roots outfit The Durbervilles – “Alternative Route To All Destinations” SPLID CD007 will be released on Monday 19th March.

The album consists of 12 new self-penned songs in what has been described as the Durbervilles trade mark style of “down home roots music, with a twist of northern grit in the lyric” – sometimes comic, sometimes dark and atmospheric. There’s pacy cajun fired stompers like, The Queens Train and No Not Tonight, folk infused rockers like Randell Avenue and Glory To The Few and reflective vocally layered ballads like 300 Letters.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


German band Bad Penny will be back playing in Yorkshire this week, much to the delight of their UK fan-base.
The first date will be at Fernandes Brewery Tap in Wakefield on Tuesday evening.
Leeds dates are as follows;
Thursday 8th The Duck and Drake 9-00
Friday 9th The Fox and Newt 9-00
Saturday 10th Dr Okells (Private party but some public entry available) 9-00
Sunday 11th The Fox and Newt at lunchtime.

Bad Penny are renowned for the quality of their gigs and are well worth catching on this short tour.

Saturday, March 03, 2007



To compare Rachel Mayfield to any of her more famous contemporaries, would be a serious injustice to a singer-songwriter, whose talent stands above the present-day music-scene, like a giant colossus. Her 10 track CD, titled “Freedom is Sexy?” is the most complete album I have heard in a long, long time. With a voice which can be powerful, haunting, touching, but always pure and unstrained, Rachel has a unique aura within her delivery. Close your eyes, and you could be listening to her in your local music pub, or standing near the pit at a major outdoor venue, looking up to see her command the massive stage, or feel her voice close to you as she sings to you and you alone. It would be wrong to review each song or pick out certain tracks, as it would be giving new listeners a pre-conceived bias, especially when each track, stands alone as a monument to a very skilful and professional performer, someone who brings a welcome feel of freshness to a sometimes stale music scene. If you only purchase one CD this year, this has to be it, a CD to touch and inspire emotions, while allowing the listener to acknowledge and enjoy a very special talent.