Thursday, August 30, 2007



When a man is asked to trot around the globe to judge harmonica competitions and festivals, you realise this is a special and respected musician, add his slide guitar and fingerpicking blues styles, along with his song-writing exploits and the only word that comes to mind is “Genius” The set at Colne this year endorsed these thoughts, as Eddie left the audience with memories that will remain for ever.


When “Blues Matters” dedicate a 7 page feature on Krissy Matthews, you realise this is a very special talent and one that has to be seen. Many young guitarists concentrate so much on using a multitude of pedals to try and endorse their talent; Krissy is a breath of fresh air with his subtle and occasional use of the odd pedal. This performance blew myself and the rest of the packed audience away. Krissy has the world at his feet at the tender age of 15, with the right promotion and advice, this guy will not be playing pub venues much longer, thankfully, I can say I was there to see him at the start of what is surely going to be a spectacular career.


The south coast band gave the audience a high energy foot-stomping set, showing why their live sets and the big voice of lead singer Adam Norsworthy are gaining a big reputation. The band have three albums of their own material, Split Decision, Rocking Horse and Let It Roll, Split Decision is their latest album and was released on the Blues Matters Record Label, their two previous albums were released on the band’s own label and have been in the CD-Wow Unsigned top ten for the past two years.


Distinctive and energetic Blues and powerful Funk, was delivered by an outstanding set of musicians who gave a solid and spectacular performance. Matt Schofield is quite rightly now being described as the finest Blues guitarist to have emerged from Europe for several generations.


While some of the hardcore Blues fans may have found Roadhouse more of a rock-blues band, they would have had to acknowledge what a talented and professional band this is. I personally felt some Pink Floyd / Mostly Autumn vibes, as the two female singers took the music to a harmonious level to compliment the excellent musicianship from the other band members.


The Brew from Grimsby gave probably, the most potent performance seen at the festival. This band play their own self-penned material and their own interpretations of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Page and Stevie Ray Vaughan, it is a set which has to be seen to be believed. The band comprising of an 19 year-old drummer (Kurtis Smith) already being nicknamed “The Bruce Lee of the drum kit” an 18 year-old guitarist (Jason Barwick) who has a solo performance which has to be witnessed, as it is impossible to give it justice through mere words alone, and to complete the line-up the bass player and vocalist (Tim Smith) holding and gelling everything together they produced a sensational performance. William Shakespeare would struggle to descried the effect the freshness and power this band achieve and deliver to their audience, I can say no more, awesome.


The powerful yet sweet soul voice of lead singer Paul Melville, coupled with the full band sound made this performance extra special for all who were there to witness it. The rapturous Chicago Blues style of the Blues has never been performed better, by a high quality front man, confidently knowing he has a group of highly polished musicians behind him.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Think 1980’s Elaine Paige / Barbara Dickson / Marti Webb, then, fast forward to 2007 and replace those classic songstress icons with Tori Bragg. The north-west based singer, with a voice and delivery, which absorbs the listener into an enchanting melodic atmosphere, is quickly gaining a big following throughout the UK. Her songs on both myspace and overplay, provide an insight to an exceptional talent, who puts the “Ritz” back into a sometimes banal music scene.


Mojo are becoming big favourites around the local music scene, mainly due to the enjoyment the band exudes both within the band and with the audience. The band who play classic blues and rock covers are; - Sam Hirst - Lead guitar & Vocals / Mark "Baz" Barron - Guitar / Col Challinor - Bass / Chris Allen - Drums / The band was formed in November 2005, and cover such greats as Cream, Rory Gallagher, Clapton, Albert King, Gary Moore, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dr Feelgood, Floyd, John Mayall, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Hendrix, Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Walter Trout, basically just good old stuff that rocks! If you want an enjoyable, belting, rock night then catch MOJO ASAP.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Chantel McGregor and her band go from strength to strength, playing to appreciative audiences every week. The line-up of Bass player Nick Green, Drummer, Martin Rushworth and the incredibly talented guitarist Chantel McGregor, produce a super tight performance of classic rock tracks. Their reputation is increasing their fan-base daily, as music-lovers grasp the opportunity to see this very special band of musicians.

10 Aug 2007 21:00 The Bridge @ Huddersfield
16 Aug 2007 21:00 The Queen Victoria @ Northowram
19 Aug 2007 17:00 The Red Rooster (Charity Event) @ Brighouse
25 Aug 2007 21:00 The Brewery Tap @ Idle
26 Aug 2007 16:00 The Brown Cow - Charity Event @ Bingley
30 Aug 2007 21:00 MyMou @ Huddersfield
6 Sep 2007 21:00 The Blues Bar @ Harrogate
13 Sep 2007 21:00 The Woodman @ Bradford
14 Sep 2007 21:00 The Duck and Drake @ Leeds
17 Sep 2007 21:00 The Roman Baths @ York
21 Sep 2007 19:00 Fairweather Green WMC @ Bradford
28 Sep 2007 21:00 The Fox and Newt @ Leeds

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