Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Abi’s Caffe Nero tour continues to go from strength to strength as her intelligent, thoughtful lyrics and personality shine through like a beacon. Having seen Abi perform her finely-tuned set at one of her Leeds lunch-time gigs, it was clear to see why she becomes an instant hit wherever she plays. She has a warmth and charm that is very rare in these modern times and makes her performance of the track "Has The Whole World Come Undone?" become very surreal and even more thought-provoking. However miserable or depressed you may feel as you take your place in the espresso coffee queue, by the time you have spent 30 minutes in the company of Abi Moore, you leave uplifted and surrounded by your own feel-good body-armour, supplied by a very special person and performer.

Hopefully this tour will launch Abi to new heights, and her soon to be released DVD "Live at Lincoln Drill Hall" is sure to be on many discerning music-lovers Christmas List.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The release of Abi Moore’s second album “Things we should’ve said” and her tour of all 360 Caffe Nero stores in the UK, starting on 1st August and lasting until 30th Sept, will enable new audiences to see why Abi Moore is quickly being regarded as one of the finest female song-writers the UK has produced in a long-time. From the first track, “Let My Ship Sail” which will have audiences joining in for many years to come, followed by “Has The Whole World Come Undone?” where Abi raises a relevant message on the “instant” culture and fame obsessed world we presently live in and leaves you thinking and nodding your approval. The piano intro of “Just Breathe Out” is perfect for a song praising fulfilment and counting your blessings while “World Leaders and Power Seekers” has a 1960’s go-go dancing type feel to it. After Abi produces a powerful vocal performance throughout “The Way It Is” she then gives a poppie/ska dimension to the CD with an interesting finish on the track “Found My Voice” before moving on to even more thoughtful and heart-felt tracks to finish a very polished and impressive album. Abi’s ship is definitely sailing to the sea of success.

West Yorkshire music-lovers can catch Abi live at the following Tour venues;

Monday 24th August, 10.00am: Caffe Nero, Wakefield
Monday 24th August, 11.15am: Caffe Nero, Huddersfield
Monday 24th August, 2.30pm: Caffe Nero, Halifax
Monday 24th August, 4.30pm: Caffe Nero, Bradford
Tuesday 25th August, 10.00am: Caffe Nero, Bond St, Leeds
Tuesday 25th August, 12.00 noon: Caffe Nero, Albion Place, Leeds
Tuesday 25th August, 2.00pm: Caffe Nero, Boar Lane, Leeds
Tuesday 25th August, 4.00pm: Caffe Nero, The Headrow, Leeds

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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Lead singer of Leeds-based soul band, Brothers on the Slide, Pete Huckerby is a big guy with an even bigger voice, who is at times so chilled out he’s reaching freezing point. However this is not a one-man band, without the superb musicians of Keyboard player Wayne Pollock, Bassist Kenny Higgins, Chris Sharkey on Guitar and top drummer Tom Hendricks the quality renditions, of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye and Nielson would not have the audience dancing to the wonderful soulful performances. Any band who can have an audience chilling, dancing and above all, having the time of their lives, in the same evening, has to be worth seeing.

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