Saturday, September 26, 2009


Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Canada, LeeSun has an engaging and uplifting personality which constantly shines through her first EP, Dis illusion. The EP’s first track “Mickey Mouse” has a Jazzie-Lounge Bar with fun feel to it, and brings an instant smile to all who hear it. LeeSun’s vocal-control in holding a singular note is in evidence on “Always That Way” while “Wise” brings an upbeat Americana style to an EP which finishes off with a brassy sound accompanying the quirky lyrics of “Without Me.” The first of a proposed series of EP’s, this is wonderful introduction to a performer and song-writer who has a very fresh uniqueness which will allow her, to have a special niche within the musical landscape.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Chantel McGregor’s first appearance on the main British stage at the Colne Blues Festival, left a lasting impression on everyone who saw her outstanding performance. For the people in the hall who have followed Chantel’s rise from the days of "Brother Eamon’s" Melborn Jam Sessions in Bradford, to now see her receiving the biggest cheers of the day from the massed audience at the British Stage, this was a proud moment.