Monday, September 12, 2011


The eagerly awaited launch of Lisa Marie Glover’s 10-track CD “Einzelkind” took place on the 1st September to the delight of her ever expanding fan-base. The album is a credit to an incredible artist, who takes the listener on a musical journey of the highest quality, starting with superb musical depth with “The First Place” and continues to push the boundaries throughout the CD. With interwoven and well thought out styles with ”Lost Your Way”, to wonderful story-telling, and high anticipation of what the next line of lyrics will bring during ”Self Destruct”, before Lisa captures an angelic feel in “Grey”, and your expectations continue to rise and yet the quality never disappoints. Lisa’s enjoyment shines through fully during her joyous track ”Mad Mary” while her descriptive and harmonic feel continues during “Calculator” and “Please” before her final track “Wasting Time” makes the listener feel unique, as her voice touches you on a one to one basis. I’ve deliberately not mentioned all the tracks, not because they are inferior, but to let you sample the surprise element of someone with great vocal control, who can be hypnotic to angelical to strong and powerful at any given moment. An outstanding album from an outstanding singer-songwriter. A highly recommended album.

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