Saturday, July 25, 2009


With an ever-expanding fan-base, music-industry and public acclaim on both sides of the atlantic, IT, pronounced, it not I.T. are a band who must be close to the breakthrough they deserve. Featuring Nick Jackson (Vocals/Guitar) with Craig West (Bass/Vocals) Andy Rowberry (Lead Guitar) Alex Inglis (Drums) Brian Holmes (keyboards) Rob Archibald (keyboards) Bryan Beleau (Lead Guitar) Ed Young (Drums), this is Prog-Rock with attitude, and many a message to get the listener thinking. While, I’ll let you discover for yourself, the reason why IT will probably not feature on George W Bush’s ipod, the track I refer to has a ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ dark humorous feel within its message, while “Killing Me” could well become a stadium/arena tour anthem, should the band reach the levels which their style and class warrant. The genre may be a departure from your usual playlist, but, you will definitely not be disappointed with this innovative and finely tuned group.

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