Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Shuttle Shuffle Festival is a celebration of music and arts supporting the
charitable work of Piece Project. Piece Project strives to generate opportunities for
people to come together, understand themselves and value others through music.

The festival itself offers these opportunities not only to the musicians and artists performing but also by encouraging everyone that attends to join in. Yorkshire’s Rory Hoy an autistic and inspirational DJ and filmmaker will be playing a DJ set at the festival and also showing and talking about his award winning film Autism and Me. I'm very honored to be taking part in this unique urban music and arts festival to raise money and awareness of the valuable work done by the Piece Project, which also involves people from disadvantaged communities. I hope in showing my film 'Autism & Me' - we can raise awareness of Autism & I hope in my DJ set everyone can have a lot of fun dancing to my beats”, said Rory.  Rory is a youth patron of the charity ‘Resources for Autism’ and is a centenary ambassador for UK Youth.
Also appearing are international guests, Salam Musik a young Malaysian Ska band, winners of the AIM – 19 Award for ‘The Best Album of the year 2012. Aim is the most prestigious award show in Malaysia . Salam Musik is a young band self funding their way through Europe and are excited to be playing for a cause that they support.
We bought all our tickets and the full band is in Amsterdam now. Not sure how to survive, but we are. We have our tickets to England as well, and three live music venues confirmed there. So for sure we will be there. We make real "Peace" Musik. (Salam means peace). And love to share our positive vibes on the Shuttle Shuffle Festival. We hope you are just as excited as us” said Iris van Wijhe band member.
The courage of these young Malaysian musicians is exactly what the Piece Project is all about” said Danny Khan festival organizer.
Intertwined with musical expression is the expression of physical art. To encompass this are contemporary art based rooms including a studio room that will become a piece of live art painted throughout the weekend by Bradford artist Jay Pee.
"I'm proud to be involved in things made possible by the new generation of creatives in the uk. I think I'm still a new blood after a year of freelance and I'm enjoying watching the people around me grow and develop as creative thinkers and doers. This festival is a prime example of that” said Jay Pee.
The Shuttle Shuffle Festival, which is on the 17th and 18th August will also have over 50 musicians and bands covering a wide range of genres. This includes Leeds ‘Voices of the Day Soul Choir’ led by the Reverend Chunky, who will also be encouraging people to find their voices in communal singing sessions.
There will be arts and crafts, contemporary arts and furniture, photography plus seven music workshops, local food, and further stalls including Colin Kendal master luthier, showing his hand crafted instruments.
Four musical communities have come together to organize the festival. Eclectic Rhythm are a new website and graphic design company with a love for music and fashion, reflected through their range of hand printed limited edition t-shirts. Yorkshire Gig Guide is a bunch of friends who play and love music. Together they created a local gig guide to support grass roots music in Yorkshire. Topic is the oldest Folk Club in the world formed in September 1956, by Alex Eaton and friends and developed from community action by working people. Factory St. Studios is run by the partnership of Alex and Amy Eden. It is a hub of music excellence in Bradford offering a practicing, recording, and gig space for musicians.
Factory Street is the base for Piece Project and is the venue for the Shuttle Shuffle Festival. This 10,000 square feet of space includes three stages and lots of rooms where everything else will be taking place. Factory St Studios
9 Factory Street, BD4 9NW City of Bradford
Everyone’s involvement from the festival committee to the bands playing is on a voluntary basis. The Shuttle Shuffle Festival is a family friendly event, encouraging people to participate in music and art; to find a voice and express themselves.
Press Contact- Andrew Sugden 07885 377797.
Family weekend Ticket £40.00
(Two adults + two young people)
Adult weekend Ticket £15.00
(18 yrs and above)
Adult Day Ticket £10.00
(18 yrs and above)
Young Person Weekend Ticket £10.00
Young Person Day Ticket £7.50
( 6 yrs- 17 yrs.)
(5 yrs and under free)

Additional Information;
Bands playing Shuttle Shuffle Festival 2013 (most bands playing are from Yorkshire) + workshop details + Art space details

Piece Project Stage:

Topic Folk Acoustic Area:
Cafe Stage:


Vinnie will be running a songwriting workshop where he will be exploring lyrics and verses and sharing his approach by using hip hop and beat rhythms.
Joe will be exploring the Art of The Protest Song, allowing participants to unleash their beliefs in song.
They will be leading a workshop on the spoken word, exploring how to put together verse for public performance.
Cleve will be leading a communal singing session encouraging people to enjoy the use of their voices and have confidence to sing. Cleve's sessions are always uplifting experiences and not to be missed.
Rory will be showing his short film on Autism, and at the end through a question and answer session inviting people to understand the world from the point of view of an autistic young man.

Composer, pianist and improvisor Simon Siddol offers a taster of his forthcoming weekly class, examining important but often-ignored aspects of psychology, physiology, subtle energy dynamics and shamanic practice, among others, that musicians often mislabel as 'talent', but are in fact learnable skills that will super-charge your core musicianship and creativity.
Jularah will be giving a relaxation and breath exercises, helping you to find your own unique natural voice and tone. Experience the fun and playfulness of vocal sounds and the Healing Power of the Human voice. Discover sacred sounds, chanting, mantras and singing.
Art & Stalls
Eclectic Rhythm are pleased to be hosting four rooms at The Shuttle Shuffle Festival.
Room 1
The ER Collective and guests will be selling a range of fresh limited edition prints, including hand screen-printed posters, t-shirts and a variety of other treats for all you bespoke print lovers out there.
Room 2
Tommings, Johnny Packham and guests will be producing a one off large-scale painting covering all four walls of one of the studio rooms as well as getting people involved with a range of drawing games.
Room 3
Norris-Green Design will be showcasing their bespoke and contemporary furniture along with producing live 3D prints.
Room 4
Will showcase the best motion graphics and short film that Yorkshire has to offer.
Entries are still open, please email to find out how to apply.
Colin Kendall - Master Luthier
Colin will be showcasing his wonderful instruments at the festival. He is an experienced luthier who has been building stringed instruments for 20 years, specialising in acoustic guitars and folk instruments, though he also makes customised electric guitars and resonators.
Piece Project
Piece Project is a not for profit organisation which promotes arts, creative media and in particular music projects. Piece Project aims to widen participation in creative activities for all the community with purposes of Community Development, Health, Social Inclusion and Relief of Unemployment.



Friday, February 08, 2013


Huddersfield-based four-piece band Termite, have now released their three-track EP “Growth” much to the delight of their ever-growing fan-base. Each listener will have a different experience while playing this EP depending on their formative musical era. The track titled “These Clowns” has an uplifting beat which is reminiscent of the late sixties and with a slightly Who-esque feel. Tracks, especially in these fast-paced times, which last over four and a half minutes, have to keep the listener interested and the two other songs on the EP do that. “Memory Loss” draws you into both the sounds and the lyrics with a near hypnotic feel at times, while “Kettle of Fish” combines the two previous tracks, but with a more finger-tapping feel and powerful finish to it. An EP which will add to the collection of any music fan, who appreciates and welcomes the emergence of new and exciting musical talent.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Jam Abraham are a five piece based in Wakefield. The members of the band are Mark Whitmore ( guitar and vox), Eddie Connolly (drums), Stuart Brennan (bass and vox), Kelvin Burn (guitar), and Paul Farrell (guitar and vox). As a band they have been around for almost 7 years, but the backgrounds of the band-mates as friends and Jam buddies goes back 15 years.

They s
pecialise in hard rock, heavy rock, alternative rock, grunge rock, blues rock, stoner rock, and punk rock. The bands four track CD gives a wonderful insight into the impressive and inventive Rock world they create on each track.  The four tracks can be dived into two journeys, with "Furore" and "Glum and Glad" being energetic from the first cord and would instantly get the most reserved of listeners “headbanging”,­  whilst “Block” and the five minute “Curl” moves along at a pace where the musicianship can be highlighted, before the band reaches crescendo’s on each track.  Throughout the tracks the “full-blast” playing is controlled, as you would expect from such experienced musicians, which compliments the powerful, and again controlled vocals.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


While many are struggling within the music business in these tough economic times, one company is going from strength to strength.  LEEDS MAYHEM are a promotions company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

From their DIY beginning's 5 years ago, LEEDS MAYHEM formerly known as BROKEN HEART UNDERGROUND,  they have continued to help and promote local musicians, as well as more established touring bands. They have worked in pretty much every venue around Leeds, including The Well, The Packhorse, Carpe Diem and The Royal Park Cellars. Currently the company are taking bookings for every kind of music, from folk and acoustic to blues, pop, rock and metal.  The company are booking 18+ shows at the Royal Park Cellars and 14+ shows at the Crown at Stanningley bottom, while other venues are also being targeted for promotions.

Broken Heart Underground can also produce high quality custom printing, including T-shirts, flyers, badges, and keyrings. Email them to discuss your promotional needs:

Please visit the company website for more in depth details:

Saturday, December 29, 2012


New courses have been announced by Cloth Cat Studios in Leeds and will start in January.

The programme of courses will be run to be running with the Workers Educational Association. They are pleased to announce that there’ll be a new course on offer this time round too: Poetry and Song which will teach the art of songwriting and giving people the chance to perform their finished
pieces. Playing music and learning new skills is fun, challenging and very rewarding so if you are looking to do something new then please get in touch. Remember, the courses are for people aged 19 and above and the tuition is free to those in receipt of or dependent on someone in receipt of any means tested benefit and the good news is that the £3 admin fee has now been scrapped so it is totally FREE! For those who are waged, 20 hour courses (run over 10 weeks) are £43.00 which works out at £2.15 per hour of tuition. These are the ones coming up:


Ableton Live 
The industry standard music production software used in the entire creative music making process from writing to performance, as well as a DJ and recording tool!

Starts Wednesday 16th January

Introduction to Guitar

Starting from the very beginning this course will teach you the basics from playing chords and simple songs.

Starts Monday 14th January

Developing Your Guitar Playing

So now you have the basics, this course will give you more complex skills to construct your own songs

Starts Monday 14th January

Introduction to Live Sound Engineering

Whether you’re in a band and want to know how to get the most from a sound engineer or want to become a sound engineer this will give you the perfect platform to understand more about sound and the practicalities of setting up a PA and getting the best sound for a live gig

Starts Tuesday 15th January (runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays over 10 sessions)

Let Us Gig

If you play an instrument or sing already but are looking to meet others to create new bands and acts
then we will be able to provide all the support to make this happen.

Starts w/b 14th Jan

Sing YOUR Song

Use your voice with increased confidence and enjoyment, and get to sing live in front of an

Starts Tuesday 15th January

Poetry & Song

Introduction to the art of poetry and song writing whatever you’re preferred style and to perform
your work within a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Starts w/b 14th Jan

The Rock & Roll Clinic

Find out the inside track on the music industry and get to ask all those burning questions on contracts and how to get a deal, touring, marketing and much more to give your music that vital head start.

Starts Wednesday 16th January

If you’d like to attend please call 0113-244-2773 or e-mail and leave your details.

Please check the website for the latest information at


Monday, October 08, 2012


As soon as you hear the first notes from this finger-picking stylist, you are hooked on a journey which takes you to a destination, which couples the feel of old-time playing, with lyrics of modern references perfectly.  The stories told, especially with the vocal support from the excellent Tessa Smith on “Never Can Tell”, “Unmade Bed” and my favourite track of the album, the brilliant “We’ll Settle Down Someday”  make the even most mundane parts of everyday life interesting.  David has the talent to switch from poignant lyrics, to foot-tapping tracks which have you grabbing your acoustic “air” guitar at every opportunity, as is the case with “Congress Street” and the great finale “Too Late” , add a gentler acoustic track with “On The West Coast” and the traditional songs “John Henry”, “Pretty Polly” and “Wreck of the Old 97” and you have one of the most rounded, genuine albums I have heard in a very very long time.  Having already performed in London, Paris, Memphis and Chicago, David’s star is shining brightly, and will continue to do so with the release of an album which will surely be hailed as a “classic” for many years to come.  "Never Can Tell" is a credit to himself and the musicians involved, described in one word.................. CLASS.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


To say that The Blind Dead McJones Band are not your average or ordinary band, would be an extreme understatement.  Their new album “Last Resort Mexico” is a unique experience with the start of each new track grabbing your attention and then pulls you into the very unique world of the band.  Starting off with “Dead Blind McJones” which is a mixture of deep blues and autobiography, the band will then have you foot-tapping to the bassie “Hang on there Boys” and “Haunted” before raising a smile with amusing and witty lyrics in “Real Cool Time” and “Elephant on a lead”.  With lead singer Ben’s incredible voice being at one with two musicians (Steve Nixon and Andy Johnson)at the top of their musical prowess, the band gives a rounded performance throughout.  Other highlights include “Last Resort Mexico” which is the perfect track combining as it does, with brilliant guitar-work and superb storytelling, while “B3D” tells the story of how the devil lost out, and all because of a mis-placed receipt!  The final track is a monumental  eight minute “live” bonus offering and ends the CD in wonderful style.  This is a band who not only play outside the box, they also dismantle it for good measure.  A unique album from a unique band, definitely one to catch ASAP.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


After the highly acclaimed album ‘The Last Adventure’ of 2010, Doris Brendel returns with a new album of tracks to showcase her complete musical range, both in song-writing and vocal delivery.  The album titled ‘Not Utopia’ begins with an atmosphere of excitement and expectation, which coupled with her amazing voice creates a powerful combination throughout the opening track “No Lonely Girl”.  The diversity of her writing and the ease of which she can cover any genre is evident as the track “Ebay” is her quirky take on life through the eyes of on-line selling, before the acoustic side takes over on “Drawing the Line”, “Beyond Words” and “Kind to be Cruel”.  Throughout the album you are amazed and delighted as to how Doris can create, and more importantly cover a complex array of styles and deliver it with such ease.  After the smooth acoustic track there is the electronic sound of vibrancy with “Going Out” which you return to with the title track of the album later.  If a song can be classed as progressive and classic at the same time, then “Passionate Weekend” and “Conflicted” must fall into this contradiction in terms as both are wonderful to the ear, while “Thank You” would grace any radio station’s playlist, finally with a mystical feel to begin with on the final track “You’re So Hot” is a perfect finish to an amazing album which takes you musically to some very special and unique places.  Doris Brendel is back and even better than ever, make sure you check out this very special talent.

Friday, August 17, 2012


A free afternoon of music by 11 local bands will entertain hundreds of people at Wicket Fest 2012. The second annual festival at Morley Cricket club is the town’s biggest live outdoor music event.

Wicket Fest will be held on Sunday, August 26 and aims to raise cash for deafblind charity Sense and Rett UK, which supports sufferers of Rett Syndrome – a rare neurological disease.

Headlining the gig are outstanding local rockers King Nothing, supported by Blues and Punk bands including, Working Parts, Small Print, Big Fat Kill, The Dan Hudson Blues Band, Honeycomb Love, Gemma Hopton, Chris Barr, Melvin and the Speakeasy Blues Band and Angelo Palladino.

The family-friendly festival starts at 12pm and will also include arts and craft stalls, fairground attractions and refreshments. The event is free to enter and attracted over 1500 people last year.

It has been organised by Lee Jagger of Morley Cricket Club and band manager Rob Mitchell. Rob said “I think Morley needs something like this” he added “Morley Cricket Club is a fantastic venue and WicketFest has got the potential to just get bigger and bigger.”

The banners and posters which can be seen throughout Morley and surrounding areas have been designed by leading local artist Jess Mitchell of

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Cloth Cat Studios along with the WEA have announced the programme of courses for the autumn, starting in September and which will include a couple of new courses with Stewart Coxhead who has a whole wealth of experiences and expertise working within the music industry. Playing music and learning new skills is fun, challenging and very rewarding so if you are looking to do something new then please get in touch via the links below. Remember the tuition is free to those in receipt of or dependent on someone in receipt of any means tested benefit and the good news is that the £3 admin fee has now been scrapped so it is totally FREE! For those who are waged 20 hour courses are £43.00 which works out at £2.15 per hour of tuition. These are the ones which we’ll be offering for those who are aged 19 and above:

Ableton Live – The industry standard music production software used in the entire creative music making process from writing to performance, as well as a DJ and recording tool!

DJing: The Basic Concepts – An introduction to DJing techniques on both turntables and CD decks, and how to put you skills in to action in the clubs!
Introduction to Guitar – Starting from the very beginning this course will teach you the basics from playing chords and simple songs

Introduction to Live Sound Engineering – a practical and fun course on how to get the best sound from live performances, from how sound works to setting up a PA.

Developing Your Guitar Playing – so now you have the basics, this course will give you more complex skills to construct your own songs

Sing YOUR Song - Use your voice with increased confidence and enjoyment, and get to sing live in front of an audience.

They have also got a couple of new ones which Steward Coxhead will be running:

The Rock & Roll Clinic – this will look at a different aspect of the music business each week, so: Publishing, Touring, How to get A Deal, Contracts, Song writing (ownership, royalties etc). As a practical course, part of the course would be taught and part would be a ‘Question & Answer’ where students could get answers to specific questions under the topic each week.

Let Us Gig - performance and stagecraft, also includes the business of gigging-how to get a gig both locally and beyond, and what bands need to think about.

If you’d like to attend or require further information then please call them on 0113-244-2773 or e-mail
Please check the website for the latest information at

Monday, August 06, 2012


As soon as the beautiful sound of the piano is joined together with the warmth of her northern voice, you are left in no doubt, that the debut EP from Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter Fran Smith is going to be something very special, that opinion continues until the final note has been played. Each of the four tracks compliment each other superbly, from lyrics which paint vivid pictures equivalent to a Monet masterpiece, through to the touching, poetic and realistic roller-coaster of emotions within romantic attachments, all are wrapped up in a delivery and feel which can bring a tear to the eye, or a wry smile in the space of a line of lyrics. After listening to the four tracks, it is easy to understand why Boo Hewerdine, Theo Gilmore, Karine Polwart and Po'Girl have all asked Fran to open up their shows. In these hard economic times, if you only buy one CD this year, this has to be the one! OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band goes from strength to strength as they have now announced gig dates for June and July. Their seven-trach CD "Working For The Gangmaster" has now had its second print run due to public demand as their fan-base increases by the day. Catch the band "Live" at the following venues/dates; Sun 3rd June - Dragongate Festival, Harrogate - Main stage midday ****** Sat 23rd June - Private Function ****** Sun 1st July - Arthington Show - time tbc ****** Fri 13th July - Black Bull, Wetherby from 9-00pm ****** Sat 21st July - Whitalers, Otley - from 9-00pm ****** Fri 27th July - Hardraw Gathering Festival - details tbc ****** Sun 29th July - Aire Do Festival, Keighley - JP & Nick Settle 1-00pm ****** For more information, please check out the official Jon Palmer Band website at

Friday, May 04, 2012


Within 15 seconds of listening to this album, you realise that this is a very special CD from a unique and talented singer-songwriter. After the warm and delightful opener "Lift You Up and Let You Fly", you are then told the story of how an incredible lady in the late 1500's, built the magnificent Hardwick Hall near Chesterfield, knowing she had created something special which would still be talked about for many years to come, very much like this album. The cover of "Solid Air" is a fitting tribute to Nick Drake who no doubt would nod in appreciation of a powerful and memorable rendition. In "Kenilworth" and "In Derby Cathedral", Sarah combines the asking of the big questions about life, while celebrating the human spirit and resourcefulness needed to face lifes problems, which is revisited later with the album's title track. The economic state of the world and all its knock-on effects are brought to the fore with intelligence, compassion and integrity in " The Sun Goes On Rising". The listener is then taken on a wonderful insight to the music of hundreds of years ago and which are dramatically brought to life with "S'Anc Fuy Belha Ni Prezada", "Can She Excuse My Wrongs" and "New Oysters New" which takes us back to the 13th century, Elizabethan age and the early 17th century. The picture Sarah paints vocally are so vibrant and strong in "So Much Rain" and yet highlights a delicacy within her delivery that creates an atmosphere of warmth in the performance in the next track ("What Are We going To Do") is a tribute to her talents. "In Gratitude I Sing" is a perfect end to an amazing album where the listener should be thanksgiving to a singer-songwriter who is without parallel. A classic. OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Saturday, April 21, 2012


From a rousing, but controlled start which showcases each member of the band with maximum effect, on "Head Trip", the band then goes up another notch with "Sons of Avalon". A KingNothing classic in every sense of the word follows, with the title track "Midnight Warheart", before fans can show their support by joining in on the tracks title line on "Crazy 'bout You". Another KN classic with mesmorising guitar-work and lyrics has you rocking again with "Petrol For My Devil", which is then matched by the smoothness and yet with no drop in enthusiasm, throughout the next two tracks "Children Of The Snake" and "City Life". The listener is then revved back up to maximum effort with "She's so Dirty" before a wonderful finish with an inspiring combination of power lyrics snd devastating musicianship via guitar and drums with the mighty track "Rented Flesh. A premier CD from a premier band who will be headling the WicketFest festival again this summer. FACEBOOK

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Budding rock stars are being given the chance to make a big noise by joining the latest Rock School sessions being held in the city.

Factory Street Studios are running three sessions starting next month for young rockers – aged 13 to 18 year olds – with eight places available on each.

Each Rock School takes place over five days and covers everything from forming a band to recording your own CD. Led by professional musicians the sessions are a great way of learning and having fun.

Thanks to funding from Incommunities Foundation a number of FREE places per session are being offered to young people living in rented homes with the housing group.

The normal cost of a place at one of the Rock School sessions is £199 which includes all teaching and refreshments.

Bookings are now been taken for all three sessions of Rock School. These are on:-
Monday, 2nd April – Friday, 6th April
Monday, 4th June – Friday, 8th June
Monday, 23rd July– Friday, 27th July
Each session runs from 10am to 4pm each day

At the end of each session, the young participants are given the chance to ‘rock the house’ by playing a gig in front of their family and friends.

Last year, 41 young people and adults took part in Rock School. Several ‘graduates’ went on to form ‘Thirteen16’ who played at the last Bingley Music Live in September.

Factory Street Studios at Dudley Hill was set up in 2009 by Amy Eden and her husband Alex.

Amy Eden said: “Rock School is a five day music experience and the chance for young people to make their first steps into the music business.
“We are delighted to team up with Incommunities to offer a string of fully funded places at this year’s school. These places are sure to be snapped up quickly so book now.

“As well as being great fun for young people we also encourage parents to come along and join in. Rock School aims to be a really positive activity for everyone.”

Lynda Harrison, Chair of the Incommunities Foundation Board said: “Rock School 2011 offers young people from across the district a terrific opportunity to develop their creative talent, meet new friends and build their self confidence.

“Incommunities Foundation is delighted to team up with the organisers to offer these free places to young Incommunities tenants and the chance to learn from professional musicians. It’s a great way to make the most of the school holidays and our involvement shows our commitment to improving lives in communities.”

To book your place at Rock School 2012 ring Amy on 01274 682125.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Jon Palmer’s writing and composition skills always take you on a varied and enjoyable musical journey. One minute you are foot-tapping or dancing to the beat like a person possessed, then suddenly in the space of a chord change, your mindset changes, as lyrics tug the heartstrings and prick the conscious as they challenge you to recognise the hardships and unfairness throughout life and the world. It is a gift that JP uses to the maximum effect and, supported by the upmost professionals within the band, consequently the music doesn’t get any better than the bands new seven-track album “Working For The Gangmaster“. Starting with “Brown Eyed Northern Girl” which is both autobiographical and a celebration of all the qualities a northern girl possesses, we are then made to think long and hard about child labour and how it effects us all with “Working For The Gangmaster”, a song that should be made an anthem for the Save the Children Charity and be played to every politician and policymaker until the trade is a distant memory, an incredible song and in my view one of, if not Jon’s best ever. With a chorus to join into on “Gallow Tree” and the hope of a positive finale, you are then challenged to how long you can stay silent before joining in on “Oh Susanna” and then to Jon's credit, the reflective “Fine Line” changes the mood and feel yet again. The band and Jon in particular, then hit you like an express train with “Meet Me At The Station” before the CD finishes off with another JP classic “Sin City”, a stunning collection of tracks which should be in everyone's favourite CD collection.


Friday, March 02, 2012


Cloth Cat have now announced details of their promotions in March and are as follows:

Name of Event: Cloth Cat Open Mic Night
Venue: The Chemic Tavern, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS6 2NG

Dates: Every Thursday (except 1st Thursday in the month)

Headline act:
8th March: Nights On Mars
15th March: Oui Bee
22nd March: Captain Wilberforce
29th March: Old Man Pie

Doors Open: 8pm
Finishes: 1am
Entry: Free with whipround for headline act

Name of Event: Instrumental
Venue: Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds LS3 1AD

Date: Saturday 24th March
Times: 6.30pm – 12am

The Soul Circle Gang
The Resplendents
Eclectic Sparks
Matt Bentley
Sullivan Fox
Steph Stephenson
Kog Moorcroft

Entry: £4 on the door

For any more information please contact Mike Jolly at Cloth Cat on 0113-244-2773 or via the website link below


Sunday, February 26, 2012


2012 will see The Blind Dead McJones Band go from strength to strength with a new single out now and a new album due to be released later this year. The band's plans are revealed in their Party Conference video which can be viewed via the link on this page.

This is definately one band to catch in 2012.


Monday, February 20, 2012


Well known music promoter Nigel Morris has now started putting on "Live music" every Friday night at the Wellington on Wellington Street, near City Square in Leeds. Artists already booked include Tommy Allen, Dan Hudson, Pete Burns, Thirteen Stars, I Am President, plus solo sessions from Troy Faid and Angelo Palladino. The action starts at 8-30 and admission is free!

Friday, January 20, 2012


After having four of their songs featured in the BBC TV drama Waterloo Road, the band are finally receiving the credit and acclaim they have deserved since starting out in 2007. The release of their 11-track album “Molehills out of Mountains” will increase the five-piece bands fan-base even further. With a Cathedral-esque start on the first track, “Cry For The City” you realise that this is an album which has been worked on and fine-tuned to create something to listen to and enjoy for years to come. The harmonies and quality writing is continuous throughout, with superb story-telling in “Don’t Be Scared 48”, ”Constitution Failed”, ”Like Lovers Do” and “Powerful Pill”. The band also have the ability to lift the tempo and have you foot-tapping along to “London Road” and “I Am Clay” while, “The Waltz” is a track which has a familiar feel to it even on the first listen and is sure to be a WM classic in the years to come and the track “Caught Between Seasons” will have audiences singing along at every gig throughout the UK. Add a song which deserves to be named after a brilliant band and a reflective and superb finale with “Sleeptalking Over” and an album of excellence is complete. Whether you are a WM fan or not you are in for a treat with a CD created by five very special and talented musicians.


Sunday, January 08, 2012


Two years ago Patsy Matheson had a vision of an album, one with no deadline, no pre-planned list of songs, basically a blank canvass to produce something unique. The result is “Stories of Angels & Guitars” which enables Patsy to paint evocative and tender textured pictures with such descriptive lyrics. The angelic harmonic feel is evident from the first track “Under Your Wing” with harmonies which carry you along, and yet still allows Patsy’s impeccable vocals to shine through, before gently taking you onto a more laid-back lounge-feel track in “No Angel”. Love and emotions feature heavily throughout the album with every emotional pore being exposed throughout “Adoption” and “If You Ask Me” (which is my own personal favourite track of the album) and the feeling of missing in “Hotel Rooms”. The feel of the first track returns with the perfectly balanced vocals on “So The Same”, before a slightly faster pace is provided with “Hundred Guitars”, which like the following track, “Shining Silver”, complete with a haunting beginning is classic Patsy Matheson. The combination of mandolin intertwined with Patsy’s wonderful vocals provide a very special experience with “Water is over the Weir” before an incredible finale with “Sylvia Jean” which is a moving history and love story rolled into one and provides a fitting end to a very special album. From start to finish Patsy fourth solo album is like an expensive claret, smooth, rich and velvety which takes the listener into a warm glow of musical heaven

The album is released on 16th January and for more details please visit:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


With its arched red brick ceiling and an eager audience, the Hop had the ambience of a downtown American Blues/Rock bar as Angelo burst in to his set with the fans favourite “Two Crows”. Another couple of tracks from his much-acclaimed album “Blood, Blues and Bad Dreams” soon followed with “Midnight” and “Just Can’t Sleep” which worked in well with some of his unrecorded work and “Another Mystery Train” from his recently released EP “Broken Hearts Still Beat”. Angelo’s song-writing has a feel of Johnny Cash in the storytelling, with support for the downtrodden and out of luck people who still have the fight to battle on, while his stage presence is Britain’s answer to Bruce Springsteen in full-flow. His rendition of “Personal Jesus” had the crowd whooping with delight, as Angelo showed the skill and quality which almost made the brickwork weep in a performance which shone as brightly as the spotlights above. An incredible set ended with another all-time favourite in “Long Dark Of The Night” as Angelo created a “buzz” which very few performers can ever dream of attaining. If you missed this gig, make sure you catch his next one as this performer is very very special.


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Factory Street Studios are having a Christmas Party on Saturday 17th Dec, full details are on the following link.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Factory Street Studios and Yorkshire Gig Guide have teamed up bringing to Bradford an exciting series of musical nights featuring a mix of bands and open mic floor spots where performers and bands of all genres can come together and share. This is a great opportunity for new performers to gain experience in a friendly, fun musical community and for established artists to try out new songs. A place to enjoy music, feel good and have fun.

The evening will be held at Factory Street Studios and Factory Street is a not-for-profit organisation with initiatives that support the local community through artistic musical initiatives. The open mic/jam music evenings offer musicians a great opportunity to develop and share their music in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
The first night in the series, Tuesday December 27th will be full of festive fun featuring The Troubadors and Chris Martin “The Man in the Hat”. The Troubadors are rousing, passionate and uplifting performers and this acoustic West Yorkshire band is not to be missed. Music with heart and soul is the force that is The Troubadors. Fan of the Troubadors, Mike Harding BBC 2, recently said they are “real good stuff”. They will be supported by Bluesman and raconteur Chris Martin “The Man in a Hat”. Chris Martin says of himself, “Musically I‟m a blues shouter and guitarist, playing slide and finger style and also lap style. Throughout my long and varied musical career, I‟ve both thrilled and puzzled audiences the world over (well round Yorkshire)”. He may well talk more than he plays, but whatever happens you‟re bound to have a good time. Our second evening Tuesday January 3rd sees in the New Year with brilliant Bradford Band „The Rudiments‟. The Rudiments indie sounds have a rock „n‟ roll edge drawing influence from a wide variety of bands and artists with energetic live performances that thrills audiences.

The evenings will include open mic slots, floor spots are available of three songs each. Get in touch and book your place or just turn up on the night. First come first served. Alternatively just come and listen and enjoy the music.
Singers, Musicians and Performers, MCs, Bands, Comedians, Poets, all welcome for a Great Night of Live Music.
Spectators welcome. Come along and have a fun night!!! Free entry, Raffle, Bar.

Factory Street Studios, 9 Factory Street, Bradford, BD4 9NW. 01274 682125.

Book a slot: Andrew Sugden Tel: 07885 377797

Monday, December 05, 2011


Angelo Palladino will be performing “Live” at the Hop on Sunday 11th Dec, where he will be promoting his new 5 track EP titled “Broken hearts still beat”. The EP is the first offering for some time from one of the regions most admired performers, who is now in the process of hitting the road on a regular basis. The first track “Nighthawk” is typical top quality Angelo as the storyline gives vivid images which continue throughout the five tracks. “Make it right” increases the tempo and gives the listener the chance to foot-tap and finger drum at a pace, before the stripped bare and atmospheric “Limehouse” shows another side to the distinctive singer. Another change of direction comes with ”On the street”, before finishing with a song of both reflection and a 100% determination to fight back in “Another mystery tram” and shows what Angelo does so well, by taking the listener within the song and experience each and every emotion direction. Angelo is back and better than ever, don’t miss him “live” or the EP!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Following the release and subsequent high praise of their first EP last year, The Artists have now released their latest four-track offering titled “Magic Words”. The five-piece band consisting of Luke Thompson (Rhythm guitar & Lead vocals), Mitch Thompson (Lead guitar & vocals), Tom Webster (Percussion & drums) Louis Appleyard (Bass guitar) and Jack Mattison (Keyboard & vocals) combine perfectly to maintain and even surpass the “Trick or Treating” EP of 2010. The EP kicks-off with a lively start with “Here comes the storm” which allows each musician an equal opportunity to help deliver a clever and very rounded track. Track two “Forced to follow” is a very vocally powered track, although again, it allows the music to shine through the quality and strength of the unstrained vocals, before moving effortlessly on to a lighter feel with “Magic words”, which bounces along and gives the audience the chance to join in and be part of something special. The final track “Show me the way” shows the diversity of this up and coming back with a track which could easily be mistaken for a Beautiful South original, one can almost see Paul Heaton nodding in appreciation! Another step forward for a band who’s popularity is rising and is sure to continue rising for many years to come, a masterpiece from The Artists.


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Playing solo at a venue normally experiencing bands of many genre and volume, can be a daunting experience for a female singer-songwriter, but Lisa Marie Glover rose to the challenge and wowed the audience at the Hop in Leeds last Sunday. With a set highlighting her engaging stage presence and immense ability, it included tracks from her recently released album “Einzelkind”, with “The First Place”, “Mad Mary” and “Lost Your Way” all of which blended in perfectly with covers of “Black Coffee” and “You Don’t Know Me” and her other well written compositions of “I Was Right” and “Jasper and Annabella”. Although influenced by Nina Simone, Eddie Reader and Joni Mitchell it is Lisa’s personality and the sheer substance she gives each song which separates her from many other modern-day singers. A talented songstress who is going to entertain music audiences wherever she plays for many years to come.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The immediate power and energy of the band set the Rock juices flowing with the opening track “High”, which demonstrates the control and vigour of the instrument-playing and frontman Andy’s impressive vocals, which at times sound Daltrey-esque through to a lilt towards Paul Rogers on other occasions. It’s easy to imagine the second track, “Small Town Anthem” being the bands stadium encore which has a perfect beat to get the audience on full throttle. The pace quickens further with a high impact track titled “Massive Antics” which demonstrates great technical ability and enables the listener to foot-tap like its going out of fashion. While many “indie” bands fall into the trap of trying to blast every note on every track, Ashes are a band who can lower the volume when required, and enable them to get the songs storyline across without any noticeable dip in quality as shown in the final two tracks titled “More Lines Than I Deserve” and “10,000 Satellites”. Whilst the band has obvious influences, they still create something unique and fresh throughout an EP which can mix it with the best Rock bands around. My advice is to listen to the EP and catch the band “live” and you will soon realise that this is a band that are the complete package.

Listen to the tracks for free on SOUNDCLOUD

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Cool Acoustics Promotions have arranged a fund-raising event for the CoppaFeel Breast Cancer Charity. The hard-working and vital charity will benefit from the final gig to be hosted by Cool Acoustics Promotions at the Royal Park Cellars venue. With five quality acts appearing, this is guaranteed to be a wonderful night of music. Please support this worthwhile cause and event.

Royal Park Cellars, Queens Road, Hyde Park, Leeds LS6 1NY
Thursday 20th October
Time 20-00 to 23-00
Admission £3-00 and Donations welcome

Jenni Noyes (Headliner)
Opie Deino
Jade & The Jilted Lovers
Pippa Lloyd
Dougie McCracken

For more information please visit:

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Sleeping Giant is the new single from Leeds based, alt-country 5 piece March of Dimes - a 4 minute trans-country drive, based on all the experiences within. Released through Hope House Records on 3rd October 2011, it serves as a taster of the great new album the band are working on,
due out next spring.
Following their last release, the well received and loved 'From Those Who Were There' EP, this single finds March of Dimes considering issues of strength, resilience, reflection and self awakening - all tied together by a road trip that Dimes members Jonathan and Cat took together across Canada
with ex-Dimes guitarist Robin. It conjures a blend of and Americana - Fleetwood Mac, The Decemberists, R.E.M, The Acorn, Wilco - with great English bands like The Smiths, The Cure and James.
Lead singer Jonathan Moss says, ‘This song represents a time of distance, healing, scenery and resolution. The joy of the journey is in the verses, and the chorus tells of the pain at the destination.’ Working with new producer Ste Anders, together they have created a delicate balance of energy and ennui within Jonathan’s lyrics. Ste also produced the b-side, a special recording of new tune “The Navigation Song”. ‘It’s probably the best we’ve put on record to date, and rather than save it for the album we just wanted to get it out there’
Hear more about March of Dimes, and buy the single at the following website: