Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The first Sunday tea-time “live” music session at the Fenton, set a standard that will be difficult to maintain, as the Big Fish Band had the venue rocking constantly before finally finishing after a three encore response. Fans of the media-loved young pretenders, aka Duffy, Adele, Lily Allen and Little Boots, would be wise to check out Kendra, and see how an experienced performer can have the audience eating out of her hand and spellbound at the same time. To try and explain the incredible performance by Kendra and her band, would take a months study of the Penguin Thesaurus and yet you would still struggle to convey words to describe what an incredible musical performance was given. Great credit must also to go to the band members Gary, Jez and Steady, who could easily have been overshadowed by the powerful and charismatic lead-singer. While “live music” can be described as a ‘Mans World’ many, many male lead vocalists would die for a voice as powerful and as accurate as a laser-beam. Should there be a modern day equivalent of the movie “Breaking Glass” then there can be only one person who could get anywhere near Hazel O’Connor’s memorable performance. Having seen Kendra perform ad-hoc at the much-missed Melbourn at Bradford, and with the recent demise of the Duck and Drake in Leeds, this was a performance that brought a warm musical glow back to the dedicated followers of “live” music in West Yorkshire.

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