Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dan Wilde
With a new album soon to be released, Dan made sure the night kicked-off in fine style with a set which outlined his supreme talent. His own fine compositions and intricate guitar playing, were supplemented with a rendition of the Sunday Service favourite of Richard Thompsons’ Bee’s Wing.


Chloe Leavers
Chloe was hailed as one of the best acts to be invited to the Sunday Service, and she didn’t disappoint the expectant (in more ways than one!) audience. There cannot be a singer with a more sunnier disposition than Chloe, if she told you the world was about to end, you would leave it with a smile on your face and her enchanting voice in your ears. Her songs, while at times deeply harmonic remained delicately balanced and always in control. Many people present on the night will say in future years, “I Remember” Chloe Leavers playing The Verve.


The Moonshine Five
The range of ages within the band mirrors the ageless boundaries which this band will appeal to. The five-piece band fronted by Adam Wolstenhome, topped the evening with a wonderful and original set. With Ayshea adding vocals to her guitar skills, the set produced a sometimes Springsteen-esque feel to the night, while still maintaining a uniqueness with songs from the lustful “They can’t keep their hands” through to a finale which we can all relate to with “When the money runs out”. A brilliant band to round off a brilliant night’s entertainment.


The ethos of Barnaby Aldrick and the Sunday Service is to promote a night of great music for, and supported by genuine music people. Like Leeds Music Promotions it is not about financial gain, but about encouraging “live” music and building a music community spirit. Barnaby and the Sunday Service, we applaud you.