Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Following the release and subsequent high praise of their first EP last year, The Artists have now released their latest four-track offering titled “Magic Words”. The five-piece band consisting of Luke Thompson (Rhythm guitar & Lead vocals), Mitch Thompson (Lead guitar & vocals), Tom Webster (Percussion & drums) Louis Appleyard (Bass guitar) and Jack Mattison (Keyboard & vocals) combine perfectly to maintain and even surpass the “Trick or Treating” EP of 2010. The EP kicks-off with a lively start with “Here comes the storm” which allows each musician an equal opportunity to help deliver a clever and very rounded track. Track two “Forced to follow” is a very vocally powered track, although again, it allows the music to shine through the quality and strength of the unstrained vocals, before moving effortlessly on to a lighter feel with “Magic words”, which bounces along and gives the audience the chance to join in and be part of something special. The final track “Show me the way” shows the diversity of this up and coming back with a track which could easily be mistaken for a Beautiful South original, one can almost see Paul Heaton nodding in appreciation! Another step forward for a band who’s popularity is rising and is sure to continue rising for many years to come, a masterpiece from The Artists.