Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The term “Genius” is an often used word in today’s society, however, Jason Feddy’s performance at the Blues Bar in Harrogate can only be described as a performance of a song writing genius. Now based in Southern California, his visits back to the UK are a rare occurrence, its a measure of the man that his popularity ensures a sell out crowd with waiting lists for spare tickets! Because of the intimacy and friendliness of the Blues Bar, a first-time visitor may well have felt they were intruding on a family gathering, such was the atmosphere created. Jason gave the fans anecdotes of Blues Bar gigs of the past, the move to the U.S.A and the various relationships along the way. An uninterrupted two and a half hour session included all the old favourites such as, “She loves everyone”, “The road” and “There’s only one way this could end” along with the many requests shouted from the buoyant crowd, who sang at every opportunity. With former Supertramp Saxophonist John Helliwell also joining Jason on the stage, this was a day the Blues Bar will remember for a very long time.