Thursday, October 23, 2008


Listening to an album from a new band or attending a gig by a new band can be very much like looking through a kaleidoscope, unsure of what to expect. Two bands that LMP has come in to contact with recently left a lasting impression and if you wish to see/hear two exciting new bands please check out the following.

Seeing Urchin Child “live” is an experience that stays in the mind well after the guitars are packed away and the lights go out on another gig. In lead-singer Joe they have the best frontman with attitude and stage presence seen in may years, coupled with a band who rock venues to their foundations, they give performance after performance which belie their youth and experience. I am confident that this will be one of the most talked about bands for many years to come.

You realise the album from Man Made Noise is going to be different as soon as you hear the intro, what follows takes you on a magical musical mystery tour. Sounding psychedelic at times through to piano backed strong ballads and rock anthem-esque power tracks, former Ernest frontman Terence Dunne carries them all off with quality and aplomb, definitely an album to take the listeners to surprising and interesting places and we await the next development from this very talented musical adventure.