Thursday, January 21, 2010


The delicacy of the cover comprising, not surprisingly a bufferfly in cupped hands, does not prepare the listener for an album of sheer power and class. The opening tracks of “Reason To Live” and “No Happy Ending” could well be from an established “Gothic” style band with its powerful back-drop of sound. The power-ballad style of “Scream To Be Heard” and “Pressure” also allows the strong vocals of lead singer Anneka Latta to shine through before a return to the style of the opening tracks with “Breakdown” and a rockier pitch with “Start Again” and “Reason In Ruins”. The final tracks highlight the enormous range the band can cover with an acoustic-feel “Uninvited” and the title track “Butterfly In Your Hand” which, in one track exhibits the versatility of a very impressive four-piece band, comprising of vocalist and keyboard player Anneka, guitarist Tom Fay, bassist Darren Townes and drummer Steve Riley. An excellent album from the musically expressive Exoterik.

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