Sunday, July 12, 2009


As the church bell chimes on the opening of this album you realise that this could be a special album, fifty-five minutes later you have definitely not been disappointed. However good an artist, an album usually has highlights, but the odd weaker track, this is not the case with London-Based Peter Paul Parker’s 16 track album “Stepping Up”. Peter’s strong vocals allow him to express emotions of varying degrees and take the listener to a rocky or acoustic plain with equal adeptness. An easy cop-out for a reviewer is to pronounce that it would be difficult to pick a favourite track as the whole play-list is of the highest quality, but this is exactly what Peter has achieved, and is a testament to his vast experiences starting with punk, moving to rock and now as an accomplished acoustic performer. With plans to set-up a band and a tour to promote this superb album, hopefully the tour will be throughout the UK to give music-lovers of Britain to catch this talented song-writer “live”.

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