Friday, January 20, 2012


After having four of their songs featured in the BBC TV drama Waterloo Road, the band are finally receiving the credit and acclaim they have deserved since starting out in 2007. The release of their 11-track album “Molehills out of Mountains” will increase the five-piece bands fan-base even further. With a Cathedral-esque start on the first track, “Cry For The City” you realise that this is an album which has been worked on and fine-tuned to create something to listen to and enjoy for years to come. The harmonies and quality writing is continuous throughout, with superb story-telling in “Don’t Be Scared 48”, ”Constitution Failed”, ”Like Lovers Do” and “Powerful Pill”. The band also have the ability to lift the tempo and have you foot-tapping along to “London Road” and “I Am Clay” while, “The Waltz” is a track which has a familiar feel to it even on the first listen and is sure to be a WM classic in the years to come and the track “Caught Between Seasons” will have audiences singing along at every gig throughout the UK. Add a song which deserves to be named after a brilliant band and a reflective and superb finale with “Sleeptalking Over” and an album of excellence is complete. Whether you are a WM fan or not you are in for a treat with a CD created by five very special and talented musicians.