Wednesday, September 19, 2012


To say that The Blind Dead McJones Band are not your average or ordinary band, would be an extreme understatement.  Their new album “Last Resort Mexico” is a unique experience with the start of each new track grabbing your attention and then pulls you into the very unique world of the band.  Starting off with “Dead Blind McJones” which is a mixture of deep blues and autobiography, the band will then have you foot-tapping to the bassie “Hang on there Boys” and “Haunted” before raising a smile with amusing and witty lyrics in “Real Cool Time” and “Elephant on a lead”.  With lead singer Ben’s incredible voice being at one with two musicians (Steve Nixon and Andy Johnson)at the top of their musical prowess, the band gives a rounded performance throughout.  Other highlights include “Last Resort Mexico” which is the perfect track combining as it does, with brilliant guitar-work and superb storytelling, while “B3D” tells the story of how the devil lost out, and all because of a mis-placed receipt!  The final track is a monumental  eight minute “live” bonus offering and ends the CD in wonderful style.  This is a band who not only play outside the box, they also dismantle it for good measure.  A unique album from a unique band, definitely one to catch ASAP.