Saturday, January 26, 2013


Jam Abraham are a five piece based in Wakefield. The members of the band are Mark Whitmore ( guitar and vox), Eddie Connolly (drums), Stuart Brennan (bass and vox), Kelvin Burn (guitar), and Paul Farrell (guitar and vox). As a band they have been around for almost 7 years, but the backgrounds of the band-mates as friends and Jam buddies goes back 15 years.

They s
pecialise in hard rock, heavy rock, alternative rock, grunge rock, blues rock, stoner rock, and punk rock. The bands four track CD gives a wonderful insight into the impressive and inventive Rock world they create on each track.  The four tracks can be dived into two journeys, with "Furore" and "Glum and Glad" being energetic from the first cord and would instantly get the most reserved of listeners “headbanging”,­  whilst “Block” and the five minute “Curl” moves along at a pace where the musicianship can be highlighted, before the band reaches crescendo’s on each track.  Throughout the tracks the “full-blast” playing is controlled, as you would expect from such experienced musicians, which compliments the powerful, and again controlled vocals.