Wednesday, April 26, 2006


If you are one of life’s “fortuitous people” you will hear an album which has a profound effect on your life, Shaun T Hunter’s recently launched CD “The Great Departure” is such a CD. Personally I have never listened to an album of songs which have touched me so emotionally and spiritually.

Seeing Shaun “live” is a wonderful experience, however, in a noisy pub it is impossible to take in all the subtle and poignant lyrics this unique song-writer produces.

A ‘normal’ CD review outlines the songs and describes or quotes certain lyrics, to do this with Shaun’s CD would take a ream of paper, due to the complexities and feelings described in the songs, all of which we have experienced along our journey in life, including all the pain, suffering, despair, hope and joy.

To listen to these songs, either in a room of subtle lighting or with your eyes closed takes you to a higher consciousness, where you will find, or touch, your own personal god, spirit or destiny.