Saturday, January 20, 2007


A Leeds rock band are aiming high with their choice of venues in 2007. D-KOY are flying out to Borneo to play and record a song at the top of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia which is just under 14000 ft (4095 metres) high.They’re also going to play a gig for a village of Rungus people, an indigenous people who inhabit the Sabah area of Borneo . Kampung Longgom Kecil, a small and remote village in Sabah , whose inhabitants continue to practice traditional crafts and celebrations, has no mod cons – no electricity, no running water supply. D-KOY have regularly fundraised for the village, sending proceeds from their EP ‘Why Should I?’, which they recorded at Host Media Centre in Leeds, to the village to help to buy much needed food and clothes, and in some cases medicines. The connection between the band and the village goes back a few years when two members of D-KOY, Sam and Seb, joined an expedition to Borneo , and worked on various community and environmental projects, including building a bridge which provided a vital link between the village and the outside world. When the project was over, Sam stayed on in the village for a year and in that time became married to one of the villagers, Sabrinah. On returning to Leeds with his new family, he reformed D-KOY with Seb, and the band has since been going from strength to strength, recently playing at the Leeds Carling Festival 2006.