Thursday, November 23, 2006


Two things your require when you attend a Cathouse Creepers gig, plenty of energy and hard wearing soles on your footwear. If the Stray Cats rumbled in Brighton, Cathouse Creepers cause an earthquake wherever they play. The energy-packed gig is a sight to behold, with your feet finding it impossible to keep still, the constant foot-tapping is in danger of wearing your shoes out. With all the classic 1950’s rockabilly hits and a who’s who of all the greats and their tracks, the gig rocks on and on at lightening pace. Their recent gig at the Duck and Drake, confirmed this is a band that gives you the chance to time-travel back to the rock era and classic three minute song after three minute song. If you want to be rocked and entertained until you drop, then catch the Cathouse Creepers.