Sunday, January 31, 2010


SHAUN T HUNTER, musical visionary and the writer of my all time favourite song, HAPPINESS MY DESTINATION returns with the project QUIET REBELLION.

THINNEST HOPES MAGNIFIED vindicates him as the shakespeare of songwriters - indeed it had once been noted that Hunter was the writer of not just songs but mini operas...his individual and practically note perfect delivery, which echoes the command that marked the work of Jeff Buckley towers to the fore of this unique progressive acoustic/world sound he has created.

Shaun has always been a performer never afraid to push the musical boundaries, and reaches levels of vocal and lyrical experimentation which many of his contemporaries dream of aspiring to but never do.

Whilst evoking comparisons with artists of the likes of Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Jeff/ Tim Buckley and Roy Harper amongst others he still maintains his individuality.

THINNEST HOPES MAGNIFIED takes the listeners mind and soul on a journey of cerebral depths, possibly some chartered for the first time as he produces an album which combines incredible energy with delicacy, all interwoven by magical strong lyrics and vocal range.

The first track MORE BLESSED THAN CURSED brings the upbeat percussion in combination with incredible quivering vocals to set a standard which amazingly is maintained throughout the album. the next 2 tracks ESCAPE and HITCHER IN MY SOUL moves the album to the level where the listener has to travel to a higher plain for an escape route or guidance, before realising the need to keep pushing on until something finally avails itself. the opening of DECONSTRUCTION IN PRODUCTION at first feels like the title track of a BBC produced scottish drama, before transporting the listener to things which go so much deeper in the dramatisation of events in most human experiences.

The role and limitations of modern life and its complex persona are brought to life during ALLIGATOR SMILES and LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE as the pace of the modern world speeds you to your final breathe and its realisation.

All of life’s challenges and experiences are brought to life by layers of discriptive lyrics, especially on a SURFACE WATER where the stretching of dreams which are so near to being grasped before sadly fading away or as through LOOK BACK IN WONDER being fully retrospective and acknowledging your role within life, some planned some not, and the experiences they have brought to your existance.

A bonus track is added, audience favourite DISCOVERY...A SCIENTISTS STORY which being a live version recorded in a chapel resonates with a deep angelical acoustic sound and is the perfect end to an album where every day concerns and demons are brought to life and excorcised with relish.

THINNEST HOPES MAGNIFIED should be shouted from the highest rooftops.

NOW RELEASED AND AVAILABLE to buy through voiceprint, amazon, and myspace.