Monday, June 05, 2006


“Can’t always get what you want” is a song many bands perform, and which on many occasions mirrors their own performance. South Yorkshire band VAMP are a wonderful exception, and gave the New Roscoe audience a Rock Gig master-class on successive days, over the weekend of 3rd / 4th June. While some “covers” bands simply go through the motions, VAMP gave freshness and passion to the classic tracks from Muddy Waters, Rod Stewart, Status Quo, Free, The Faces, The Rolling Stones and many more, giving a performance of the highest calibre. The well informed music lovers of the Roscoe, rated the boys from Barnsley as the natural successors to Stone Cold Sober as the venues favourite Rock / Blues covers band. Their CD “Screwed” includes classic tracks, plus the added bonus of their own title track “Screwed” and the song “Every Little Crack” from Swedish band “The Diamond Dogs”, their professionalism shines through the CD and so enables you to relive the gig at every opportunity. Their next visit to Leeds cannot come quick enough.