Monday, May 01, 2006


The opulent surroundings of the Baroque bar, provided the main stage for the first day of the 2006 Leeds Blues Festival. The evening burst in to action with Leeds’ very own favourites Euclid Avenue, who set the quality benchmark for the rest of the evening. After an acclaimed appearance at the recent Burnley Blues festival, Lyndon Anderson followed, and showed the audience why his soulful voice attracts fans from far and wide. With fan’s clamouring for the best vantage points in a now packed venue, the immaculately turned out Dr Brown and his Blues band, rattled off song after quick-fire song, to prove why many feel Dr Brown is the best front-man on the circuit. Regular visitors to Leeds, the Lowdown Blues band, had people dancing in any available space as Mick Agnew gave his usual dynamic performance. The evening concluded with a set by the Neil Dalton band, who gave a stunning and unique performance of country and delta blues at its very best, and thus ensuring the first day of the festival, will remain in the memories of the “Blues” fans of Leeds for a very long time.