Saturday, July 29, 2006


The “Blues” music fans of West Yorkshire, are in for a spectacular Sunday at the Duck and Drake in Leeds, on 13th August, when two of the bands who appeared at the 1st Leeds Blues Festival, play a "Blues" double-header starting at 5-00pm.

Dr Brown and the Groovecats…..The ultra-professional Dr Brown and the Groovecats are without doubt “Legends” of the “Blues” circuit. No “Blues Festival” would be complete without the usual stunning performance from this truly gifted band.

Crosscut Saw…..Pure raw 24-7 blues at its best, with Alex Eden giving it the full treatment with guitar, harmonica and vocals. Listening to the bands excellent “In debt ? you bet” CD, just leaves you drooling in anticipation for the bands next stunning blues gig.