Thursday, July 06, 2006


From “busking” in Leeds city centre while attending the Leeds College of Music many years ago, to touring the world with MPeople, The Pet Shop Boys and the Eurythmics, Snake Davis is an inspiration to musicians of all levels. The consummate professional arrived at Garforth Holiday Inn from the Royal Albert Hall, where he had been playing the day before. In the packed venue with standing room only for late arrivals, Snake Davis went through his array of Saxophones, alto, soprano, baritone and tenor as well as flutes, whistles and shakuhachi. One area which is noticeable, is how much more at ease he seems to be when talking with the audience, a very personal man, Snake always appeared to prefer his immense talents to do his talking for him, but now he enjoys the interaction with his loyal followers, this added to the intimacy and enjoyment of the gig. All the classic Snake Davis tracks were there including the theme from “Taxi” to Melencholy Serenade, Its Only Natural, Now’s The Time and an incredible version of “Suspicious Minds”, which had all age groups dancing for all they were worth. Garforth Festival Director Dave Evans and his staff deserve great credit for attracting performers of the highest quality to the Garforth Arts Festival, more power to their combined elbows.