Monday, July 24, 2006


The golden ambience of the Grove Inn, with its subtle lighting, was the perfect backdrop for a rare appearance in Leeds, of Irish singer-songwriter Kieran Halpin. If there is a god, and he does hand talent out, then Kieran, must surely have been at the front of the queue. With his pleasing Irish accent, the evening just flowed along, conjuring up imagery of life’s rich tapestry, as only Kieran can achieve. The clarity, power and passion of his lyrics, make the listener stand back and take stock, and then realise they are in the presence of a song-writing giant. To single out certain songs is difficult, as each song has its own merits, and memorable lyrics, but mention must be made of his classic tracks, “Walk like a champion“, “Glory days”, “This isn’t bad only different”, “The old simplicity” and “Closing time in paradise”. In a world of manufactured bands and singers, it is uplifting to know, that there are still quality performers, writing meaningful songs of substance, and in Kieran Halpin you can get no better.