Sunday, February 14, 2010


Comprising of Lisa Dply Masia and Marina Cristofalo, London-based Lilies On Mars are soon to be touring the UK, which hopefully will include dates in Yorkshire. Their ten track album “Lilies On Mars” is a remarkable insight to two very talented and experimental artists. It would be very difficult to find another album which diversifies genres as much as this album does. A CD with an opening track, Maori Legend, which could be called sci-fi/choral/experimental and ends with a crescendo style finish on X2, and a multitude of musical mixtures in between gives this album uniqueness not heard before. The rollercoaster of styles takes the listener to experimental rockier sounds on “Passing By” to the heavy bassed track “Honourable Horrible Friend” to some wonderful harmonic styles in “Hey, What’s Wrong? Wake up!” “Electric Fits” and “Et Voila” which keeps the listener interested and quizzical as to what will happen next. Hopefully this will not be subjected to a niche market as there is something very fresh and exciting about these songwriters which deserves a wider audience. Should you obtain a copy of the CD then make sure you listen to it until it stops as there is a twist in the tale!