Monday, August 14, 2006


Engagement to play music, to perform a gig, is the English Dictionary definition of “gig”, however, to state that Dr Brown, and his Groovecats, play “gigs” would be an understatement of the highest magnitude. When Dr Brown is in town, you are witnessing not a simple “gig”, but a musical event; one which will last in the memory long after the Doc has packed his harmonica away. An ultra-professional musician and front-man, Dr Brown has gathered around him musicians of the highest quality, which makes this band one of the most popular on the “Blues” circuit. After their memorable performance at the 1st Leeds Blues Festival, Dr Brown and the Groovecats, were back in Leeds, and gave the knowledgeable Duck & Drake regulars, a musical experience to savour. The first set saw the good Doctor playing guitar, before moving onto the harmonica for the second set and two encores. From the slower “Stormy Monday” to tracks from their excellent new CD, “Groovetime” the impeccably dressed Dr, has an energy and vibrancy, which carried the audience along, with a feeling of justified expectation throughout the play-list. As Dr Brown and the Groovecats are playing on one of the main stages at Colne Blues Festival, on Friday 25th August at 9-30pm, this was a real triumph for the D & D promoters, who have also booked the Doc for Sunday 29th October.

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