Thursday, September 14, 2006


When Sir Elton John asks a band to support his latest 13 gig tour, the band has to be a little bit special. The Storys appearance at the New Roscoe, showed exactly why they were approached to tour, this was a polished performance from first to last note. Close your eyes and you could be listening to a chart-topping boyband, however this is where the comparison ends, as the Storys are highly talented musicians, as well as being one of the most harmonised bands around. Their single ‘I Believe In Love’ would surely have been number one in the charts, had an established band recorded it, and had the power of one of the major record companies promoting it, hopefully their next single ‘Journeys End’ will receive a wider audience following their association with Sir Elton. Throughout their set they enjoy themselves as much as their fans, which made a change from the miserable looking chart-toppers we are so used to seeing. The Storys are like a breath of fresh air blowing through the music scene and are surely destined for major success, these talented and genuine set of musician’s deserve it. Their 11 track CD ‘The Storys’ should be in everyone’s collection of relaxing and chilled out albums, buy it and you will definitely not be disappointed, catch them “live” and you will see why Sir Elton made that call.

A mention must be given to Brian Houston, who opened the evening’s entertainment, with an awesome set of his own work. Belfast born Brian is a very talented singer-songwriter who is entertaining and humorous at the same time. While his songs ‘These Days’ and ‘Practical Reminder’ were memorable, his song ‘Red Badge Of Courage’ moved everyone in the audience, his lyrics touching every nerve.