Saturday, January 27, 2007


The Blues Bar last Sunday, resembled the famous Liverpool FC Kop of the 1960s, as with an hour to go before the 4 Day Hombre kicked into action, every conceivable space was taken, people standing shoulder to shoulder, friendliness personified and expectations at a premium. With the blacked out windows, this increased the intensity of the afternoon. Due to the consistant quality of their tracks and performance, it would be unreasonable to select favourites from such a buoyant and magical musical journey. You would need to travel far and wide, to find a band who make every performance so special and memorable, with every track touching various nerves and emotions.

The band have announced the release of their CD 'Experiments in Living' in Canada on the 13th March, the Canadian release will feature an additional track: the gorgeous and ever-popular 'Jedi Blues.' The band are at present finalising a Canadian tour in March to coincide with the CD release, which will also include a showcase in New York.

Plaudits must be handed to the band for remembering their musical beginnings, and to Simon of the Blues Bar for pulling off a coup with another top-line gig, as the Blues Bar at Harrogate continues to succeed where many other bigger venues fail.