Friday, March 16, 2007


The ever-popular German band, Bad Penny, completed their UK tour with a final flourish at the Fox & Newt. Any band that can have a Sunday lunchtime drinking group from Leeds, attempting Cossack Dancing at 3-00 in the afternoon, has to have a special uniqueness about them. With each member of the band being an accomplished musician, the class just flowed with the ease of a bottle of Germany’s finest white wine. With the odd Rory Gallagher track dropped in to the set with aplomb, it was a realisation, why this band is so popular at the many Rory Gallagher conventions. This was a gig of rock classics which brought the house down and the audience to its feet, especially when they produced a rock-version of “Those Were The Days.” These guys should be given the opportunity to play some big arenas as their talents deserve to be appreciated by the masses.