Saturday, May 19, 2007


Duke Special

This must surely have been one of, if not the, most entertaining gigs I’ve seen in a long time. A group of very accomplished musicians, who know how to enjoy themselves, and in turn, giving the audience a gig full of highpoints. A performance which, could be described as Elton John meets The Divine Comedy who meets a 1930’s vauderville act, it really was that different. This band are a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Any band which performs an encore in the middle of the audience are definitely worth checking out. With Beth Rowley accompanying the band on some numbers, it was a gig which left you yearning for more and hoping for a quick return. Well done to In The Pines for bringing this very special band to Leeds.

Supported by;

Beth Rowley

The easiest way to describe Beth Rowley, would be to imagine a cigarette-smoke filled Jazz club, in 1950’s New York, and through the haze you hear a majestic voice, and see a singer looking and performing in stunning style. Hopefully by supporting Duke Special this will be a springboard to great things for this highly talented performer.

Fran Rodgers

Regulars to this web site, will know of this angelic and pure voiced Leeds-based songstress. A firm favourite on the local acoustic scene, Fran is releasing her latest single in July, for more information please check the following web site.