Saturday, March 31, 2007


Leeds 8-piece band The Respendents, launched their 3-track EP titled “Quetzal” at Carpe Diem on Saturday. The band, formed in 2005, are quickly becoming firm favourites throughout the local music scene, and the release of the EP is sure to kick them on further.

Track One – “Another spin of the wheel” – This track has a Beautiful South at their best, feel to it, as it comes across as a foot-tapping “Chart” song with style.

Track Two – “Better than this” – A more soulful song with great Sax-appeal coupled with wonderful harmonies.

Track Three – “Fall out with the in crowd” – A powerful song enabling the band to demonstrate their individual and collective talents.

The fact that this EP, can be both relaxing and upbeat at the same time, a rare achievement, makes it unique and well worth a listen. I look forward to catching them live.