Sunday, December 30, 2007


A review of 2007 after seeing 115 gigs at 26 different venues

Best day of “Live” Music;

Sunday 25th November. Johnson House at the Harrogate Blues Bar, then Jed Thomas followed by the German band, Bad Penny at the Duck and Drake, three superb “live acts” in one day, it doesn’t get any better than that day.

Most unusual Gig;

Sunday 2nd September. Waterland playing the Cobbles and Clay café-bar at the Haworth Arts Festival accompanied by a backing group of coffee machines, and the writing of a review whilst drinking two cups of Earl Grey!

Best Festival Day;

The Sunday at the Colne Blues Festival, The Mustangs, The Eddie Martin Band, The Brew and The Stumble, quality unrelenting.

Gigs of the Year;

Get Cashed (The New Roscoe) Duke special (The Irish Centre) and Oli Brown (The Duck and Drake) live music at its absolute best.

Two destined for greatness;

Chantel Macgregor, who someone said “Girls don’t play guitar like that” well Chantel can, and with her own band is surely going to take 2008 by storm.

Oli Brown, all I will say about Oli, is it’s a privilege to attend any of his gigs, and this guy will dominate the British Blues Music scene for years to come.

Young gifted and talented;

Ceri Mai, Michael Mallinson, Krissy Matthews and Frankie Roe, remember those names!

New venues;

The Owl at Rodley, a genuine “Live Music” venue, Sunday evening music sessions at Prohibition and the Sela Bar in Leeds City centre.

Best new musical experience;

Being invited into the IVOLV recording studio at Bradford, to see the recording of KwameD’s CD.

Let’s hope the gigs are great in 2008!