Saturday, June 24, 2006


The Revelator Band…..After taking the Leeds Blues Festival by storm with their high tempo all action set, Barnaby and the boys are increasing their fan-base with every gig. With their own distinctive blues style, and Barnaby’s incredible visual performances, this is a band that has to be seen live to capture the unique experience of a Revelator gig.

Northern Vinyl…..Despite only being formed in late 2005, Andy Dilworth (Vocals & Guitar), Declan McNulty (Bass & Backing vocals) and Mark Banks (Drums & Backing Vocals), the band play as though they have been together for years, such is the professionalism of their sets. Giving audiences over 30 songs including The Who, The Jam, The Rolling Stones to Oasis and the Smiths, this is a band definitely going places.

Jess Gardham…..With her engaging personality and pure song-writing, Jess is now earning the recognition she deserves. Her five track CD “Patience” has received rave reviews with the song “Ocean Eyes” being a particular favourite of audiences and critics alike. Her recent 30 minute support spot at The New Roscoe for Amy Wadge and Elaine Palmer is sure to put York’s favourite soulful singer-songwriter in the spotlight this year and beyond.