Saturday, March 29, 2008


The new Album from NorthZone titled “Sooner or Later” is unique, a CD which encompasses beats, ska/reggae, blues, world and a protest song added for good measure. Due to the wide range and variety of the tracks, this is an album which needs to be frequently listened to, otherwise the listener would be short-changing themselves as there is much to enjoy. With tracks which would be individually welcomed in a Blues Club, a high-powered Ska session or an intimate Folk Club night, there is something for everyone. The range of instruments used, guitars, keyboards, piano, bamboo sax, harmonica and sax mirror the full range of musical genre on this album. OwterZeds fans will be interested in the new version of “Saturday Night” which includes a very Debbie Harry sounding vocalist in Debi Quinn. An entertaining CD which is well worth a listen.

Extracts of the CD can be heard on the following site;

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It is now over two years since the “Melborn Hotel” on White Abbey Road in Bradford closed its welcoming doors for the final time. It had been the home of the Topic Folk Club (the oldest Folk Club in the world) for over eleven years. The jam sessions organised by Denny on a Sunday, will always be fondly remembered by both the musicians who played, and the music-lovers who attended. Regular performers on the Sunday tea-time were members of ZICO and Chantel McGregor. Looking through the gig-lists for June to Sept of 2003 show the full range of music and talent, who performed there.

Monday was Brother Eamon’s informal session, Wednesday hosted the Jazz sessions with The Topic Folk Club being the hosts on Thursday. Artists to appear there during that 3 month period included, Cosmic Debris, Avalon, Brendan Crocker, Roger Sutcliffe, Juke Joint, Jed’s Blues Band, Buzzard, Tom Napper & Tom Bliss, Bad Habit, Smokin’ The Swarm, Milestone, Roy Harris, James O’Hara Band, Paul Middleton, Last Orders, Sandy Howarth & Andy May, Midnight Train, Garry Whitfield, Kinda Blue and Somebodys Brother.

Kendra’s Birthday in early August and Sean’s Birthday bash later that month also kept the close-knit pub in good spirits.

Great memories of a unique pub and its musical clientele.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


The Topic Folk Club has now moved from the Cock & Bottle in Bradford to the Bradford Irish Club, Rebecca Street, Bradford, BD1 2RX. The oldest folk club in the world, has its usual array of the highest quality performers booked for this new venue, which is approximately 200 yards, from the still sadly missed Melborn venue. For further details please check the excellent website below;