Friday, May 23, 2008


During 2008 I will hear many CDs, either purchased or sent to me for an opinion. I doubt if I will hear a better CD than “Clearwater” by Folk Rock/Pop duo No Fixed Abode. To produce and self-finance a CD as professional as this, is a remarkable feat, however, it does not prepare you for a journey of discovery, a discovery of an incredibly talented duo. With the powerful and pure voice of Una Walsh supported by Tony Dean on acoustic guitar, ably supported by musicians of the highest calibre, the result is an eleven track album that never waivers in quality. The listener will probably have a different “favourite song” after every listen, as whatever emotion your feeling at the time, there will be a song to relate to. The sheer quality shines through every track, as each song uplifts you or makes you stop, think and nod in approval or acknowledgement. This is an album which once listened to, demands to be played again and again and again….don’t miss it!

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Friday, May 02, 2008


The recent and continuing sad and terrible images from Tibet, emanating from our television screens, make this CD one of the most poignant around at present. The first half of this album is the recording of “Concert for Tibet” held at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club in 2006. The second half consists of re-mastered or re-mixed versions of the concert tracks, this allowing the listener to play a particular favourite, or to enjoy sitting back, and letting the feel of the “live” gig envelop them. To try and reproduce this style of music from a studio sound, to a live performance is a monumental task, the quality of Richard Dalby and his fellow performers is obvious to anyone who listens to this album, as they achieve it with style. This is one of, if not the best “Live” experimental/ambience music CDs I have heard, at times it is almost subliminal in its feel, while percussionists in particular, will enjoy the beats and rhythms throughout. The music is uplifting and inspiring, and mirrors the Tibetan people and their country. The two cultures merging together in the harmony the country richly deserves and continues to strive for.

Proceeds from this CD are donated to support Tibetan medical and school projects.

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