Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Driving-force Barnaby Aldrick has created something very, very special with the Sunday Service events based at the Verve Café Bar in Leeds. The recent Sunday Service Christmas Party, will surely go down in “Live Music” folklore for anyone who was fortunate enough to attend it. First to get the packed venue cheering, was Ben Pike and his recently formed band. Although mainly known for his solo work, Ben and the band set the scene for a memorable night with a richness of sound and vocals that set the standard for the night. The ever popular local band, Hope + Social soon followed in their inimitable style, including jackets as outstanding as there harmonies. The band interact with the audience like very few other bands can do, especially when the bag of kazoos are passed around the audience! The band were a class act as The Four Day Hombre, now they are even classier as Hope and Social. As the mulled wine was downed with the free and very artistic SS mince pies, it was time for the top billing Nick Mulvey to perform. What followed was an incredible set, watched by a room full of santa-hatted music lovers, Nick took the audience around the world to Africa with his amazing guitar technique and adaption of original African lyrics. Paul Simon’s Graceland album has been described as an iconic album, the same could be said of Nick Mulvey’s performance at the Verve.

On reflection this has got to be one of the most atmospheric music nights played in Leeds during 2008, the reception given to the artists after each set was spine-tingling. As the glow of the burgundy painted walls, mirrored the glow of friendliness within the audience, as new visitor’s were treated like old friends, this night was made in to something very unique.

If you have not attended a Sunday Service, the next being 25th January, then write it down in your 2009 diary as a “MUST DO IN 2009” you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Very occasionally, you see an artist who is an incredible talent; Laura J Martin is such an artist. With an hypnotic stage presence, which very few performers posses, and a “live” set which needs to be seen to be believed, audiences are left wanting encore after encore, or for the next gig to come sooner rather than later. Equally proficient with both the Flute and Mandolin, her own compositions are delicate and intricate, with an oriental feel which provides a musical freshness, and enables the listener to experience a magical and spell-binding performance. 2009 will surely see Laura J Martin receive the accolades her unique voice and musical talent deserves.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Any duo who can produce a 12-track, self-penned album which has Five-Star ratings from the first note to the last, has to be a very special pairing, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts are such a duo. Hailed by non other than Seth Lakeman, they compliment each other like very few other duo’s can, with each being allowed their own individualist parts within the album, yet neither dominating or overpowering the other, which is a very, very rare balance. Both graduating from the Leeds College of Music, their versatility shines through as does their competence of various instruments. It would be very easy to fall into the trap of waxing lyrical about either the instrumental tracks or the meaningful storylines depicted within the album, but this is an album to be played and enjoyed with sensitivity, feeling, candour and a superb realisation of what an impressive duo/CD this is, hail to the Guitar and Violin!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008


The Sunday Service Service, based at the Verve Bar, 16 Merrion Street, Leeds LS1 6PQ are holding a Christmas Party on Sunday 21st December from 8-00pm

The line-up for this special event will be Nick Mulvey, Hope & Social(acoustic set), and one other top-quality local artist.

Tickets cost £5 and are limited, to reserve tickets or for more details please contact