Saturday, May 30, 2009


“Stop The Clocks” and check out the Bridlington-based four-piece band “The Quadralics,” who go from strength to strength. Despite only forming just over a year ago, Alfie Murray (Bass/Vocals), Jack Emmerson (Drums), Josh Maskill (Guitar) and keyboard player Scott Anderson have quickly formed a tightness within their playing, which more experienced bands would be proud of. Their showcase of six songs on myspace is a perfect introduction to a very talented young band.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


For a night of high-powered entertainment then catch “The Revelator Band” at the earliest opportunity. A memorable gig is guaranteed with the main attraction being lead singer Captain Barnaby, who has the energy of a Duracell bunny on speed, to see is to believe, add his expertise of Harmonica and the incredible Theremin and this is a gig like no other. Supported excellently by Ivan Unsettled on Drums, Griff “The Gryphon” on Guitar and Cat Presley playing a mean Bass and it’s the Blues, it’s Punkish and it’s Experimental, but not as we know them. Brilliant front-man, great musicians and a night to remember, what more could you ask for?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As the music industry strives passionately in its pursuit to find the next and ultimate young female singer-songwriter, one teenage sensation is about to stake her claim, the artist in question is Steph Fraser, remember that name.

With contacts and an avalanche of positive publicity already in North America and Canada, Steph is planning to concentrate her recording and promotion throughout the music-loving continent of North America, driven by the excellent record company Sonic Vista Recordings, this will surely hasten Steph’s rise to the recognition her talent deserves

Following on from her critically acclaimed first EP “Purple Sun” Steph has reached an even higher musical plane with the release of her latest four track EP titled “Pretend,” combine the best of Duffy, Adele and Lily Allen and you may just have described a very special talent called Steph Fraser.

While the artist gains the most recognition, and rightly so, the Sonic Vista Recording company has to be admired for their incredible astuteness in recognising artists of a very special ilk.

The company is also involved with Andy Stedman who will be releasing his EP “You keep me up till 3 O’clock” on the 1st June. English-born but with a musical foundation based in Canada, his unique style of banter and sharp observations of life in its many guises will propel Andy to the forefront of the British music-scene for many years to come.

These are two of the brightest new musical stars I have heard in a long time, please check them out on the following websites;

Friday, May 01, 2009


South African raised and currently residing in Leeds, singer-songwriter Rob Russell Davies is to perform for the third time at the 'Tipperary International Festival of Peace'. After being the first songwriter to win the “Tipperary International Song of Peace” contest twice, after winning in 2003 and 2006, this year will see Rob’s 'The Tipperary Song' being used as a 'theme song' in the peace ceremony, which is when an international leader / personality receives a prize for his/her contribution towards peace in the world. The song will hopefully also feature on the night of the song contest itself. There is also a strong possibility that the 2003 song 'Give It A Minute' and 'Let Me Find Peace' from 2006 will be featured alongside other past winners songs, as this is the 25th anniversary of the contest, and the organisers are hoping to feature as many previous winners as possible
'The Tipperary Song' is Rob’s song about the famous song “It’s a long way to Tipperary” which tells the story of a soldier who is blinded in the fields of Flanders in WW1. An Irish nurse helps him to get through this terrible time always singing the “It’s a long way to Tipperary” song. Believing that she actually comes from the town of Tipperary, the soldier waits until the war is over and makes his way to that little town in the hope of finding her.
After returning from Ireland, Rob will continue to be involved in composing music for TV / Radio and corporate promotions, as well as writing songs and instrumentals for his own CD's.

Playing live he can be seen as solo artist 'Rob Russell' and as one half of 'Rob n' Craig's incredible duelling pianos’, having recently having the privilege of seeing Rob “live” I can confirm that he is one of the most talented and dynamic performers I have seen, a true professional.

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