Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The immediate power and energy of the band set the Rock juices flowing with the opening track “High”, which demonstrates the control and vigour of the instrument-playing and frontman Andy’s impressive vocals, which at times sound Daltrey-esque through to a lilt towards Paul Rogers on other occasions. It’s easy to imagine the second track, “Small Town Anthem” being the bands stadium encore which has a perfect beat to get the audience on full throttle. The pace quickens further with a high impact track titled “Massive Antics” which demonstrates great technical ability and enables the listener to foot-tap like its going out of fashion. While many “indie” bands fall into the trap of trying to blast every note on every track, Ashes are a band who can lower the volume when required, and enable them to get the songs storyline across without any noticeable dip in quality as shown in the final two tracks titled “More Lines Than I Deserve” and “10,000 Satellites”. Whilst the band has obvious influences, they still create something unique and fresh throughout an EP which can mix it with the best Rock bands around. My advice is to listen to the EP and catch the band “live” and you will soon realise that this is a band that are the complete package.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Sleeping Giant is the new single from Leeds based, alt-country 5 piece March of Dimes - a 4 minute trans-country drive, based on all the experiences within. Released through Hope House Records on 3rd October 2011, it serves as a taster of the great new album the band are working on,
due out next spring.
Following their last release, the well received and loved 'From Those Who Were There' EP, this single finds March of Dimes considering issues of strength, resilience, reflection and self awakening - all tied together by a road trip that Dimes members Jonathan and Cat took together across Canada
with ex-Dimes guitarist Robin. It conjures a blend of and Americana - Fleetwood Mac, The Decemberists, R.E.M, The Acorn, Wilco - with great English bands like The Smiths, The Cure and James.
Lead singer Jonathan Moss says, ‘This song represents a time of distance, healing, scenery and resolution. The joy of the journey is in the verses, and the chorus tells of the pain at the destination.’ Working with new producer Ste Anders, together they have created a delicate balance of energy and ennui within Jonathan’s lyrics. Ste also produced the b-side, a special recording of new tune “The Navigation Song”. ‘It’s probably the best we’ve put on record to date, and rather than save it for the album we just wanted to get it out there’
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