Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Jon Palmer’s writing and composition skills always take you on a varied and enjoyable musical journey. One minute you are foot-tapping or dancing to the beat like a person possessed, then suddenly in the space of a chord change, your mindset changes, as lyrics tug the heartstrings and prick the conscious as they challenge you to recognise the hardships and unfairness throughout life and the world. It is a gift that JP uses to the maximum effect and, supported by the upmost professionals within the band, consequently the music doesn’t get any better than the bands new seven-track album “Working For The Gangmaster“. Starting with “Brown Eyed Northern Girl” which is both autobiographical and a celebration of all the qualities a northern girl possesses, we are then made to think long and hard about child labour and how it effects us all with “Working For The Gangmaster”, a song that should be made an anthem for the Save the Children Charity and be played to every politician and policymaker until the trade is a distant memory, an incredible song and in my view one of, if not Jon’s best ever. With a chorus to join into on “Gallow Tree” and the hope of a positive finale, you are then challenged to how long you can stay silent before joining in on “Oh Susanna” and then to Jon's credit, the reflective “Fine Line” changes the mood and feel yet again. The band and Jon in particular, then hit you like an express train with “Meet Me At The Station” before the CD finishes off with another JP classic “Sin City”, a stunning collection of tracks which should be in everyone's favourite CD collection.