Saturday, April 21, 2012


From a rousing, but controlled start which showcases each member of the band with maximum effect, on "Head Trip", the band then goes up another notch with "Sons of Avalon". A KingNothing classic in every sense of the word follows, with the title track "Midnight Warheart", before fans can show their support by joining in on the tracks title line on "Crazy 'bout You". Another KN classic with mesmorising guitar-work and lyrics has you rocking again with "Petrol For My Devil", which is then matched by the smoothness and yet with no drop in enthusiasm, throughout the next two tracks "Children Of The Snake" and "City Life". The listener is then revved back up to maximum effort with "She's so Dirty" before a wonderful finish with an inspiring combination of power lyrics snd devastating musicianship via guitar and drums with the mighty track "Rented Flesh. A premier CD from a premier band who will be headling the WicketFest festival again this summer. FACEBOOK