Friday, June 01, 2007


After weeks of planning and negotiations, Leeds Music Promotions Limited, are pleased to announce some exciting new developments.

A new full-colour quarterly e-magazine will be available to download from the American Publishers w The 28 page magazine titled “Keeping The Music Live” complete with pictures of all the artists featured, will be available at the beginning of each of the following months, June, September, December and March. The magazine will be available to download for twelve months, giving advertisers a full year of exposure per issue. The magazine will be advertised worldwide through both and an eBay power seller based in the US.

The cost will be £1-25 / $2-50 per download, a full colour full-page ad will only cost £35 / $70 per issue. Please contact us for further details, advertising rates from £2-50 per issue are available for classified ads. Discounts for full and half page ads are also available.

The local “Keep Music Live” magazine will continue as a bi-monthly magazine, with extra pages. The next editions will be July/August, September/October and November/December. The aim is to continue promoting the local scene, through our bi-monthly magazine, while the quarterly magazine will promote from a world perspective, enabling UK bands / artists the opportunity, to advertise their CD’s etc to a potentially massive audience.

Due to the commitments of the magazines, we will not be in a position to organise gigs etc, for the foreseeable future, however we will still offer advice whenever we can, and work with artists to promote through our e-magazine contacts.

These are exciting times, let’s promote the positive together.

Paul Abraham
Leeds Music Promotions Limited
June 2007