Thursday, August 31, 2006


BODIXA - The Way Back Home

Running time 14.43

As your alarm clock screeches into action on a drab, wet Monday morning, with moral and energy levels at zero, then play this track and be instantly uplifted and ready to take on the world. With their usual brilliant harmonies, this track is both meaningful and inspiring, listen once and it stays with you all day. The perfect song to survive the 9 to 5 sentence.

It is impossible not to listen to this dreamy, chilled out track, without seeing a vision of lead singer Anna, looking through a railway carriage window as the Italian countryside glides past, as the words and guitar join together in smooth accompaniment.

Both these tracks again show the wonderful harmonies, the intelligent lyrics and the class which Bodixa have. I for one, listened to these tracks and was instantly returned to the “Borders” gig of 2002, other people who sat on the floor in “Borders” that day, will understand and relive the same feelings after listening to this wonderful CD.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


In the battleship grey world we live in, it is a rare delight to spend an evening, enjoying music of the finest quality, in a spotless venue, where all the staff are friendly and helpful. The launch of the new EP from Bodixa, at the Otley Courthouse was such an evening. The welcoming and impressive Otley Courthouse Arts and Resource Centre, was opened in 2004, after 8 years of hard work from a dedicated group of volunteers, who had witnessed the closure of the courtrooms in 1997. With a capacity of 200 and state of the art sound and lighting systems, this is sure to become a major music venue for many years to come.

Bodixa. The five-piece, female fronted band have had a loyal following since their critically acclaimed CD “And they danced on glass” was released in 2003. Continuing to develop and grow, their music and “live” performances now have a very special feel and atmosphere. Lead singer Anna, lives every emotional aspect of each song, in a way which entwines the audience within the lyrics, and carries them along on a crest of musicianship of the highest quality. Tracks on their new CD “The Way back home” include “Goodbye Winter” and “Room” and are sure to become firm favourites as their wonderful song “California” has over the years.

The Gary Stewart Band. With a full band playing at high tempo, Gary Stewart proved again, that this is quickly becoming a must-see band. Often compared to Paul Simon, Gary sings with a passion and presence, which instantly gets the crowd clapping and foot-stamping at every opportunity. With a violinist and a harmonica player in the band, the music has a very rounded and complete sound, which complements Gary’s singing and guitar playing.

ODi. Originally from Co Wexford in Ireland, singer-songwriter ODi is sure to become a firm favourite on the “Live” music scene. With meaningful songs and thoughtful lyrics, sung with clarity and sensitivity, ODi has the aura and poise, to become a very special performer who provides a musical glow, to every member of the audience.

A memorable evening at a wonderful venue, with quality acts personified, “Live” music doesn’t get any better than this.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Engagement to play music, to perform a gig, is the English Dictionary definition of “gig”, however, to state that Dr Brown, and his Groovecats, play “gigs” would be an understatement of the highest magnitude. When Dr Brown is in town, you are witnessing not a simple “gig”, but a musical event; one which will last in the memory long after the Doc has packed his harmonica away. An ultra-professional musician and front-man, Dr Brown has gathered around him musicians of the highest quality, which makes this band one of the most popular on the “Blues” circuit. After their memorable performance at the 1st Leeds Blues Festival, Dr Brown and the Groovecats, were back in Leeds, and gave the knowledgeable Duck & Drake regulars, a musical experience to savour. The first set saw the good Doctor playing guitar, before moving onto the harmonica for the second set and two encores. From the slower “Stormy Monday” to tracks from their excellent new CD, “Groovetime” the impeccably dressed Dr, has an energy and vibrancy, which carried the audience along, with a feeling of justified expectation throughout the play-list. As Dr Brown and the Groovecats are playing on one of the main stages at Colne Blues Festival, on Friday 25th August at 9-30pm, this was a real triumph for the D & D promoters, who have also booked the Doc for Sunday 29th October.

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