Thursday, May 31, 2007


The opening blast from this amazing band was the theme from “Red Dwarf” it was appropriate, as the band were out of this world. For a London band to have the Leeds public cheering for more and more after there recent performance at Dr Wu’s was a testament to their star quality. With the single “Jennifer” due to be released in September, hopefully this will be the catalyst, which should see this five-piece band given the accolades they fully deserve. A band to catch as soon as you can.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Duke Special

This must surely have been one of, if not the, most entertaining gigs I’ve seen in a long time. A group of very accomplished musicians, who know how to enjoy themselves, and in turn, giving the audience a gig full of highpoints. A performance which, could be described as Elton John meets The Divine Comedy who meets a 1930’s vauderville act, it really was that different. This band are a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Any band which performs an encore in the middle of the audience are definitely worth checking out. With Beth Rowley accompanying the band on some numbers, it was a gig which left you yearning for more and hoping for a quick return. Well done to In The Pines for bringing this very special band to Leeds.

Supported by;

Beth Rowley

The easiest way to describe Beth Rowley, would be to imagine a cigarette-smoke filled Jazz club, in 1950’s New York, and through the haze you hear a majestic voice, and see a singer looking and performing in stunning style. Hopefully by supporting Duke Special this will be a springboard to great things for this highly talented performer.

Fran Rodgers

Regulars to this web site, will know of this angelic and pure voiced Leeds-based songstress. A firm favourite on the local acoustic scene, Fran is releasing her latest single in July, for more information please check the following web site.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007



My first gig of the festival and the floor was bouncing to Rob Donnelly and his band. This very good four-piece band got my festival off to a quality start, especially with Dan Burnett on keyboards which added to the enjoyment.


Splitting his time between classic harmonica playing and singing with a voice which, were it a bottle of wine, would be a sumptuous deep rich burgundy of the highest order. However many times you see this band, you never stop from being stunned by the quality, not only of Lyndon’s singing but the great Bass work from Christine Wilson, added to quality guitar and drum work, this is a trip to soul-blues heaven.


CROSSCUT SAW – A line-up which included TJ Norton on vocals gave myself and the Leeds Blues faithful a great start to the Bank Holiday Sunday.

STEVE FRENCH BAND – Sheffield’s favourite Blues band were on fine form as usual. With a backdrop of fine architecture through the arched windows and listening to pure blues from Steve French, this gave me a surreal feeling of how the Blues can enhance and give a feeling of belonging anywhere.

OLI BROWN BAND – A first view of the breath-taking talent of Oli Brown, made me realise that this guy is going to dominate both the British Blues Scene and the World Blues Scene for years to come, Oli is an incredible talent. Catch him on the Paul Jones Radio 2 show on Monday evening, 14th May between 7-00 & 8-00pm. Oli and his fine band are back in Leeds later this month, catch them, and you can say in years to come, that you saw the band when they started out, before they hit the obvious highs they are destined to reach.

CROSSCUT SAW – A second set by Alex and his band, had TJ Norton on harmonica and Alex doing lead guitar and vocals, which included playing while standing on a table and a walk around the establishment while playing, which begged the question, is Alex the owner of the longest guitar lead in the UK? Raw 24/7 blues from a band which gets better and better.

THE CHARLIE WHITE PROJECT – Charlie White brought the all-dayer to a great end with a set of hard-core dependable blues, nothing peripheral or insignificant, just quality playing with feeling.

Leeds Music Promotions were delighted to support the second Leeds Blues Festival and hope 2008 will see even more support for this wonderful venture.