Thursday, October 23, 2008


Listening to an album from a new band or attending a gig by a new band can be very much like looking through a kaleidoscope, unsure of what to expect. Two bands that LMP has come in to contact with recently left a lasting impression and if you wish to see/hear two exciting new bands please check out the following.

Seeing Urchin Child “live” is an experience that stays in the mind well after the guitars are packed away and the lights go out on another gig. In lead-singer Joe they have the best frontman with attitude and stage presence seen in may years, coupled with a band who rock venues to their foundations, they give performance after performance which belie their youth and experience. I am confident that this will be one of the most talked about bands for many years to come.

You realise the album from Man Made Noise is going to be different as soon as you hear the intro, what follows takes you on a magical musical mystery tour. Sounding psychedelic at times through to piano backed strong ballads and rock anthem-esque power tracks, former Ernest frontman Terence Dunne carries them all off with quality and aplomb, definitely an album to take the listeners to surprising and interesting places and we await the next development from this very talented musical adventure.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


With harmonies to die for, poignant lyrics, strong vocals and tight playing this has to be one of the most rounded and consistant albums of 2008. The five highly talented musicians based in Leeds, have produced an album which is uplifting, thoughtful and catchy in equal measures, but never predictable or bland. The band members have an array of instruments which adds to the expectations of the listener, as the band surprises the listener as synthesisers make way for acoustic, which makes way for the piano, which makes way for lead guitar all superbly complemented by wonderful vocal performances. With the success of Yorkshire’s favourite Americana band The Durbervilles own Radio Show and the Hee Haw Sessions at Santiago in Leeds, the future looks bright for the Americana/Country scene in West Yorkshire, and while there are bands of this calibre then hopefully recognition on all fronts will be achieved and will be well deserved.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


House Concerts have been very popular and successful in America for a number of years, the concept is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK. One of, if not the most renowned and most respected is the House Concerts York. Set-up by Tony and his partner Nicki, the independent non-profit venture goes from strength to strength with their informal and relaxed gigs. With just 40 places available the atmosphere is obviously intimate but respectful to the artists, who arrive from around the world to play at this very special venue. The latest House concert to take place was on the 11th Oct when ODI and Eoghan Coglan travelled to the picturesque village 20 minutes from the centre of York. As the audience of various age groups took to their seats, surrounded by a collection of photographs of past performers looking down, from the white glossed walls, there was a feeling of expectation and excitement, what followed was possibly unique and very endearing. As the artists played, a pin dropped on the wooden floor would have sent vibrations around the room as everyone sat in perfect silence listening to every picked chord and every vocal range covered. Eoghan Coglan with his tales of song-writing and musical skills was the perfect support to ODI, with Claire Odlum and Dave Redfern demonstrating once again why they are a duo gaining big followings in both the UK and Ireland. The first visit to a York House Concert can feel a little daunting, as you ring the doorbell feeling like a double-glazing salesman, however, you leave 3 hours later with the wonderful inner glow of meeting new friends and wishing everyday life could give you the same feeling as this very special experience had.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


To be the lead singer of any band, takes a monumental amount of effort, determination and talent, being a female lead singer, the scrutiny and demands are raised even higher. Claire Ashton has all the qualities required and more besides as she leads with passion, vigour and class. With an easygoing persona which never reduces her professionalism, she helps four-piece Harrogate band Hargreaves produce superior performances in both “Live” and “Studio” work. Covering Blues, Soul and Country themes, including many of their own songs and also some classic cover versions, the band consists of Claire, James Healey on Guitar, drummer Steve Shelley and Bassist and backing vocalist Chris Webb. Their highly acclaimed and recently released EP is a wonderful introduction to what the band is all about, with the bluesy title track, “(Bad,) Bad Girl”, an uplifting and toe-tapping “Kiss Me Better” and covers of Stevie Ray Vaughan’ “Life By The Drop” and finally Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Passionate Kisses” which this reviewer felt was the equal at the very least to the original recording. The EP is very good, catch them live and you will be very, very impressed, if America is looking for a favourite UK acoustic/blues/country band, then look no further than Claire Ashton and Hargreaves.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Friday 10TH Oct - Upstairs @ Santiago - Doors 8-00pm - £4-00


Alan Tyler is proof that you don’t need to go to Nashville to master the country rock genre. Since the early nineties with his band The Rockingbirds it has been well known that Tyler puts on one hell of a live show! The Rockingbirds played main stage at many festival (Glastonbury & Reading) & made TV apperances on shows such as Later with Jools Holland & MTV.

The Lost Sons of Littlefield’s 2007 debut album was named as one of the Top Five Roots Abums of the Year in Q Magazine. Their second album has been hailed as ‘A thoroughly gorgeous album. The UK’s greatest songwriter.



Duo performance by the two Sam’s from the wonderful Wilful Missing.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Mention the name Patsy Matheson and a warm musical glow envelops the discerning music lover. As part of the driving force of the all-female band, and Glastonbury Festival starring, Waking the Witch, Patsy received critical acclaim throughout the music-industry, however it is as a solo performer that Patsy’s song-writing talent and pure voice comes to the fore

The release of her latest album “A Little Piece of England” will enhance her reputation even further, as she takes the listener through the full range of human strengths, weaknesses, feelings and emotions.

Patsy has a vocal range that can melt the heart through “Sunday Morning Song” and “Little Piece of England”, convey the fragility of hope and dashed ambitions in “Treading Water Town” and “This New Song”, inspire social, political and economic questioning on “Play the Game” and “Precious Little Soldier”, be stinging on “Lamb to Slaughter”, narrate through the story of a travelling female musician on “Ulverston Gypsy” and finally romantic via “Row Down to Wroxham”. Whatever your mood, there will be a song on this album which will ignite a nerve or emotion as only a very special talent can achieve.

This is not only a musically glorious album; it is also a statement that Patsy Matheson, the solo performer, is back and better than ever!

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